Staying Pure In a Dirty World

So, most of you may or not know this. But I am a virgin. It’s not something I shout from the rooftops. I’m just stating the facts. To be pure in a dirty world is hard. You have most movies that feature sex scenes, you have magazines that give you tips for the bedroom, you have the inner urge to have a romance with someone. It is hard to stay pure.

But I do it. I struggle with the humanity of myself and try to hold on for as long as I can before the struggle hits me in the face. It beats me up at times. I pray to God “Help me with this!” He does. He hears. He sees the tears. He knows the struggle I deal with every day in this. His grace is sufficient for me. He gives me grace to combat desires. He gives me freedom to be myself. He gives me understanding in my time of need.

I hold onto the promise that I am not alone. That what I am keeping is worth saving. I don’t know if there are many of us out there (When you’re past 30, people start viewing you as a unicorn. Wait…those exist, right?) But yes there are virgins in their teens, adult years, and even past adult years. We don’t deserve ridicule. We don’t deserve anything but honor and respect in making these decisions to stay pure. I remember the movie “40 Year Old Virgin”. ((Btw, this is not a recommendation to watch at all.))) But the gist of it is this…He was a man who was struggling with staying pure. His friends teased him and ridiculed him. His friends tried to set him up with people for just a one night stand. These guys know NOTHING about what real love is and how to treat women so who are they to give advice. They told him he should do something to combat the urges. Which is what the world WILL teach you. They go as far as to show you. But what they don’t teach you is how you feel afterward. Which is dirty.

Back to the movie. They were trying to tell him that he was less than normal. That he will not become a real man unless he has sex. Let me tell you something. It takes a real man to say no to sex with some random woman just to prove his manhood. It takes a real woman to say no to have sex with some guy who will probably forget it the next day. Once you get past all of Judd Apatow’s perversion of what the world’s version of sex is…there is a good story. He waits. He meets a girl who waits…for awhile…until she finally says umm…are we going to..??. Long story short, he falls in love and she falls in love not knowing his secret he has been carrying around. He ends up waiting and at the end experiences euphoria AFTER the wedding. Notice I said after. He waited and it was worth it. That is the only good thing I found out about that movie. And the movie is relatable to me ((Again, NOT recommending this movie for anyone to watch))

In fact, this brings up another point. Watching movies with romantic storylines or sexual innuendo is probably something you’ll want to avoid. All it does is bring up urges you may not be able to resist. I know I struggle with this too. But if you want to stay pure in a dirty world, this is something you’ll want to look into. Staying away from the premium movie channels, staying away from certain sites online. Why am I suggesting this? Because it feeds the fantasy. It will desensitize your mind into the point where you think it’s romantic…when really it’s scripted and mechanical. When you love someone, it’s not scripted. It may even be awkward on your wedding night. But it’s worth it.

So if you are a unicorn, whether it be male or female, be rest assured you are not alone in the struggle. You are not in an empty boat drifting aimlessly alone. I see the youth out there in the world. My maternal side says…I want to send them all a message to wait. Please do. Sex complicates things. You can never get it back once you give it away. Physically, it can’t be done. Spiritually it can. God’s grace forgives and heals. God’s grace will love you through the mess you’re in and go so far as to pull you out of it. God’s love can keep you pure in a dirty world. Don’t believe what the world says about anything. If they knew everything then why is there so much hate, so much crime, so much perversion. So much human trafficking. So much hunger. So much death. They don’t know the arms of God. They don’t know what love is.

Now I know I have given a lecture about virginity and purity. There are some who have been robbed of that chance already. Someone has stolen something from you that you can’t get back. I would wrap my arms around each one of you if I could and wipe your tears. I would say I’m sorry that they did that to you. I’m sorry that they robbed you of your purity. But I will also say that your purity was not robbed. No one can take your true innocence. They may have in body, but not in your heart. Not in the inner core of your soul. And don’t give them that chance to. What was not freely given was not stolen. Don’t you ever blame yourself. In the eyes of our Father, there is love. Don’t view God the same as other humans. He doesn’t intend any harm or hate toward his creation.

Take care my little unicorns and non unicorns,



“She’s Not For You”

That girl that gets up in the morning to pray…she’s not for you
That girl that hears God’s voice above all others…she’s not for you
The woman who spends her money wisely and is content in the small things..she’s not for you
The woman who spreads love and encouragement to those around her…she’s not for you
The girl whose heart is filled with joy and gladness that comes from her heavenly Father…she’s not for you
The girl who finds truth in the Bible rather than the lies from the world..she’s not for you

The man who seeks God’s will for his life..he’s not for you
The man that works hard, earns and spends his money wisely…he’s not for you
The guy who wishes to be with a girl who loves him more than his wallet..he’s not for you
The guy who studies the Word and finds His purpose in giving to others..he’s not for you
The guy that never misses a Bible study and hungry for more of God…he’s not for you

This is a message that is being sent to the wrong ones in your life or were in your life. The ones you wished to work out. The ones you might still be crying tears over.

I write from experience. I am single. I am 33. My heart has only been in the hands that made it. I have been kept for a purpose. I believe that purpose is to show girls, women, guys that He is faithful to the end. He has always had a strong presence in my life and has guided me in every decision. I have worn my promise ring for over 20 years as a reminder that He IS the promise. He IS the hope in the sleepless nights. He IS the one who has been wiping my tears when things didn’t work out. He has been tried and true. His love never fails me. I won’t lie. Sometimes I get swept up in the emotions of having someone. But then I look down at this promise on my finger and remember that I am already taken. He has taken such good care of my heart that He would only entrust the one that deserves it. 

I always tell my single friends to keep waiting. I know it can be testing. I too have had this notion…what if I’m waiting for no one?? I don’t know if I believe that there is someone for every one. I do not hold everyone’s future in my hands. However I hold firm onto the belief that even if that person does not come along, I will be ok. I am a part of the bride of Christ. And my wedding is coming soon. Maybe not in Earth, but in heaven. 

Valentines Day is coming soon. I can’t escape the glamorization of this holiday where I am widely aware of my singlehood. All He said to me was…”The reason these relationships didn’t happen…the reason these men never pursued you because I told them “she’s not for you.” All of a sudden, such clarity came to me. Clarity and closure followed that thought. I was not for them. I have been kept and my heart has been sealed tightly. In the past I would see a guy at times and think…”Hmm. Maybe.” As if God knew the thought was in my brain, He would say right away..”Nope. Not good enough.” He knows my heart and knows who is qualified to hold it. He has designed it and put desire in it for a reason. The main reason is to love Him with ALL of it. Heart, soul, mind and body. 

Be encouraged in your broken hearts. In this time of solace and suffering, remember this. He sometimes allows things to fall apart so He can put them together how he wants it. I have seen people go from singlehood to marriage. About 80% of them say “I can see why all those people have not worked out.” God wants you to want more for yourself. If you are willing to settle just because you don’t want to be lonely, you will miss out on the prize. He wants you to know your worth. He wants you to see your beauty. He knows who is worthy and who is not. He is the only one worthy and faithful. But He also does show you His love through others. I’m not saying it will happen or will not happen for you. Remember…He so loved you that He gave his only Son to have a relationship with you.

God will always be constant in His pursuit of you. When you give into it you will find your happy. Also, maybe down the road, you will find another happy. 

Here’s another way of looking at it ladies. Let’s say A 50 Shades of Cray character will come to meet your parents for the first time. Your mother sees it. Your dad sees it. Your brother or sister sees it. But you don’t. All you see it the suit and believe his  deceptive whispers of love. Your Dad takes him aside for the talk. He says “What intentions do you have for my daughter?” 50 Shades says “Well I love her.” Father says….”You may think that, but she’s not for you.” When we read things such as this book it feeds a fantasy. Agreeing that love is acceptance of someone’s behavior has become the norm of the world and their version of love. This keeps feeding the lie that we can love someone out of their wrong behavior. The lie that says if a guy has good looks and charm, it’s worth the abuse and heartbreak. That guy might break your heart. Worse, he might break your bones. 

” You are not for him.”

God intervenes at times when He knows we don’t have the strength to to. It wasn’t so much them rejecting you. It was God rejecting them for you. It is His will for you to have an undying love that only He can offer. And if you are to be with someone, He wants that for you. God is not a man that he would lie. 

Stop falling for the lie that you are not loved. Or the lie that you should settle for whatever comes your way. Start believing the truth of what you are worth. Start believing you are worthy of His love. He is the true love that we should all be searching for and the true love that we all need.

We Need To Get Over Ourselves And Get Under God

We live in a self consumed self absorbed society. Instead of talking and listening we respond with monosyllabic answers while texting someone on the phone or scrolling through Facebook (Guilty). People sometimes shut off when the conversation has nothing to with them personally. We have lost the art of communication and instead master the art of technology, which lets face it, is not real communication. It is a form of it.

Why am I talking about this? Because there is a time and a place where it isnt about me. It’s you. It’s that person next to you. Or someone you work with. Someone in the ministry. We need to get over ourselves and our lives. We need to take the time to actually listen to and invest others. We need to take the time to invest in God’s heart. His presence. Snapchat, Instagram, Flakebook (yeah I said it) creates a distraction in personal communication. Selfies is investing in ourselves and frankly feeds our insecurity. The constant need to be “liked” and “commented” on for our own selfish want. Why not pursue the “like” of GOD or His “comments” about us? 

We need to get over ourselves and get under Him! We need to let His presence shape and fashion us. We need to spend more time with our families than just our church families. Getting our houses in order should be top priority. First, the house of your heart where He inhabits. And then our real physical homes. Your brother or sister might need you more than your spiritual sister/brother needs you. And if you don’t tend to your own flesh and blood, how can you tend to others?

I have been guilty of putting myself ahead of others. Ahead of GOD who would part the oceans to find me. When I come to this realization, my priorities change. When I pray, it’s not about me. That is His time. Not my request time. It is His time to talk and me to listen. Sometimes I think we do more talking than listening. And we miss the mark. The silence is where I find Him. The nights of loneliness is where I discover intimacy with Him. It is greater than any “like” I receive or any compliment or praise from social media. If you are searching for shallow remarks and vain praise, you need to get over yourself and get under God. Vanity leads to emptiness. Intimacy with Him leads to wholeness. If you have a desire to be whole, cry out to Him. Show your heart to Him and He will show you His. He will open the eyes of your heart.

One of my favorite songs is “The Heart of Worship”. The most powerful reminder that it’s all about Him. It’s not about the guitar, the piano, drums playing the perfect chords. It’s not about how well put together we try to look. It’s not even about what happened on your way to church. It is laying aside yourself and your thoughts. It is about God stirring up a work in your heart which flows out of your body and a beautiful sound eminating from your soul. I challenge you to sing without any music but the music you make from lifting your voice. You will find the most authentic worship when you lay it all down. Your thoughts will be consumed by His. Your body will be overtaken. And your cry will turn into groans. This is what He desires for us. This is what happens when we get under Him

My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.-Psalm 84

“O Lord, you have searched me and known me! You know when I sit down and when I rise up; you discern my thoughts from afar. You search out my path and my lying down and are acquainted with all my ways. Even before a word is on my tongue, behold, O Lord, you know it altogether. You hem me in, behind and before, and lay your hand upon me.” …-Psalm 139: 1-24





He Gives Us Grace In Our Afflictions

Lately, I’ve been dealing with a lot of changes in my life. So in the same week that I am moving to my new apartment, I have fought a cold and my “women’s week” all at the same time. Fun stuff, I know. I woke up this morning and said…”God..really?” It’s not bad enough that I can’t stop blowing my nose but I have to deal with this too? This is one of those “life is not fair” days. My emotions become a rollercoaster. I go from angry to sad to sappy to exhausted.

I digress.

I was just laying in bed and I started reading this in my old school devotion book called “Streams In The Desert”. This really caught my eye and then I laughed at my big man in the sky and said, “Haha well isn’t this coincidental that I would read this at this exact time in my life.”

I digress again. I will share with you what it says. (Mind you, this is from yesterday’s devotion which I had to catch up on.)

God selects the best and most notable of His servants for the best and most notable afflictions, for those who have received the most grace from Him are able to endure the most afflictions. In fact, an affliction hits a believer never by chance but by God’s divine direction. He does not haphazardly aim His arrows, for each one is on a special mission and touches only the heart for whom it is intended. It is not only the grace of God but also His glory that is revealed when a believer can stand and quietly endure an affliction.

Christians with the most spiritual depth are generally those who have been taken through the most intense and deeply anguishing fires of the soul. If you have been praying to know more of Christ, do not be surprised if He leads you through the desert or through a furnace of pain.”

(Finishing this prayer pierced my heart)

Dear Lord, do not punish me by removing my cross from me. Instead, comfort me by leading me into submission to Your will and by causing me to love the cross. Give me only what will serve You best, and may it be used to reveal the greatest of all your mercies; bringing glory to Your name through me, according to Your will.

How powerful that was to me as I read it. The ones who have the most grace have suffered the most. To me, that means if I am in a situation where I have nothing but grace…despite how I feel in that situation, I have everything I need. Affliction and all. This is a special word for someone suffering in this very moment. Not just me in my minor physical duress. But to someone who has cancer, may God bestow that very grace upon them to endure. I meet people in the clinic I work at who have that look of grace upon them. Their bodies are weak, but their hearts are strong. This look of peace that even though they are being put through the fire…they have developed a stronger will. To not give up. Or to accept it as it is.

God’s will is to not give us afflictions. But to give us grace, to give us strength. Even though it feels the exact opposite….His will is not for us to suffer. For some in suffering, it can make a person bitter or it can make a person regain an inner strength that only He can give. I’m not saying it is a unnatural emotion to think you are being punished or hated. But to those who change their attitude despite the circumstance…can change your circumstance. God knows what to do to reach your heart. He allows us to experience pain at times so we can appreciate when He heals us from it. If we allow Him to. If we don’t let him in, that pain will just sting even greater and our hearts will become colder.

My pain, your pain, whether it be a physical pain or a mental pain, is for a purpose. It is how we deal with our pain that will determine who we become. It is a choice in how we deal with things. We can either say “God, I can’t handle it. Give me grace even though I don’t feel happy about this.” Or we can say…”I’m fine. I don’t need anyone. And end up empty and alone.” Pain is not a choice. How you deal with it is.

Just be honest with God. Even if it’s a small prayer. Invite Him into your situation. He can change it. I promise you that. But it may not happen the way you want it to or when you want it to. But it will change. And you can control the climate of the change by what your attitude is.

In closing this blog, I wish grace and peace to comfort you. I know the holidays are coming up. Not only can that be stressful, but it can make your emotions come to the surface, good or bad. Don’t let your emotions control you. Don’t let them lie to you, which is mostly what they do. But let God guide your emotions and your thoughts. Read the big book called The Bible, which will give you a sense of certainty again that you are not alone and you were not made to be alone. I will be fighting my emotions with you. But know this too. You are MUCH loved by Him. Even in your affliction. He wants to hug you and hold you. He wants to wipe your tears. He wants to give you freedom. Don’t listen to what the world says. Listen to what He says. You are so important in His eyes. Believe that even if everyone else tells you different. It is not over. It is just the beginning.

Love you Warriors,


Ready For a Change…

I am ready for the world to change but if I don’t change and step outside of my comfort zone, how can I expect the world to produce change. The process is God changes us…so that we can change others through Him and His power.

Change is inevitable. We will all experience it. It is not always a fun process. But it is a part of growth. I am a writer and most writers can be introverts. I find myself clinging to the comforts of home than being outside in a social atmosphere.

God was showing me this though. What if by me taking a step of faith and moving away from comfort, someone were to be saved? Or someone would be prayed for healing? If I never dare leave this place, I am keeping salvation for myself. And that is selfish. How can people taste and see that the Lord is good if we never show them how to? Or show them how it tastes. Once they get a taste, they don’t go back to the sour and bitter taste that they are used to. They want more sweetness and more of that good taste.

I write this with conviction. I am going to have to let God change me in this area. Lord, help to embrace change so that I can change the world.

From my heart,


Be Still and Hear…

I received a word from the Lord this morning. “There is a crack in the foundation and there is a crack in the salvation.” He showed me that our Earth has a crack in it because there is a crack in our salvation. People are starting to waiver from their salvation. They, including us, are lowering our convictions and even abandoning them. We have unappreciated grace. We are taking advantage of it. We are in rebellion. This is why the ground we walk on is not solid. And literally there will be a crack on the ground we walk on. A quaking will shake the foundation. And we are walking in the shadow of death. From all the abortions. All the people who have been murdered. God said He is stirring up the hearts of the saints and the sinners. He is stirring them up. He is mixing us up together. He is going to create a unity. I was worshipping and praying. God opened my eyes. Not my physical eyes. The eyes of my heart so I could see His. His heart is broken for His people. His heart is breaking because we have turned our face from Him and His people, Israel.

He showed me a figure(not a specific man or woman) who is walking on a ground that has a crack. One foot is on one side of the crack and the other foot is on the other side. This represents two worlds. Having one foot in the world and one foot in the kingdom of God. We cannot serve the world and serve God. We only serve one. Choose wisely. Matthew 6:24-“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.We need to strengthen the foundation. We need to get back to the Word and prayer. “A wise man builds his house on the Rock.”
Matthew 7:24-27- “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.”
We are living in times where we are not solid in our faith. We neglect the words given to us for our protection. We don’t put into practice what we preach. And this is creating the crack in the foundation. We need to go to the Rock, Jesus. We need to do what He has called us to do. Our time is beginning to become faster and become shorter. Do what He wants when He wants before it is it too late!

Burned Bridges


Burned bridges. We have all done it. We have mishandled things between friends, family, coworkers, etc. We have said the wrong things to someone, thinking we will never see them again. I know I have done this. I have burned my bridges.

What are bridges for anyway? They are for filling the gap between emptiness and create a path for one side to reach the other. When we burn the bridge and path to keep the relationship together….we are severing any chance of that person reaching to our side. It no longer puts us in a neighboring state. It creates more distance between each heart.

There are things I have done that I am not proud of. There is shame in how I mishandled situations. My actions were cowardly and immature. I am willing to admit that.

The Holy Spirit showed me this a few days ago. We, as sinners, burnt our bridge with God the Father. When we were born in sin, it formed a gap between our hands and the Father’s. But his love reached out. He wanted to love us so desperately that he created two pieces of wood, intertwined. Stained with blood. Cut with nails. A crown of thorns on a broken body laid on top of it. The cross.

The cross created a bridge to fill the gap. The cross acted as a bridge, joining the love of an eternal Father and the love of a son/daughter to be united. Sin burned the bridge. Love built a new one. 

Maybe there is a bridge that you have burned that you wished you hadn’t. Let the love of the cross rebuild the bridge between you and Father. And let it join another bridge between a love with His people.

Now, sometimes, it will not be easy trying to rebuild that bridge between you and that person. It involves burying your pride and asking forgiveness. Asking forgiveness is the greatest act of humility. I am still dealing with this. I have also learned that no matter what the person’s reaction is to your asking forgiveness from them has nothing to do with you. But it does start the healing.

I went to church this morning and the pastor was discussing undeserving grace. If we have been given much grace from the Father, how much more should we give others? He said we tend to point the finger and think that someone else is less deserving of grace when we forget how much grace God has given us who are more undeserving. This has brought conviction to my spirit and I wish to be less judgmental as a person. I should not forget the grace that He has shown me.

Be blessed,


Your Faith Will Carry You

I was reading the book of Acts about Paul tonight and something popped into my head. I was remembering the story where a man needed to be healed and his friends had carried him down to see Jesus.

And some men were carrying on a bed a man who was paralyzed; and they were trying to bring him in and to set him down in front of Him. 19But not finding any way to bring him in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof and let him down through the tiles with his stretcher, into the middle of the crowd, in front of Jesus. 20Seeing their faith, He said, “Friend, your sins are forgiven you.”

As I was remembering this story, the Holy Spirit spoke something to me. He said, “Your faith will carry you.” I am going through a rough time in my life. I guess what you would call a depressive state. For months at a time, I will not leave my house. I basically stay at home, watch tv sometimes and write. I’ll listen to music or look at my friends lives on Instagram or Facebook.

I don’t have any constant friendships. Only casual ones. I have shut myself away from the world and from people. I am lacking trust in humanity right now. There was a recent experience in which I was hurt by a group of people. Every time, it takes a little piece of my heart. And I shut down. I put on a good act at home and at work as if nothing is wrong.

But I should confess that I am dealing with depression. I am a Christian and I believe God can pull me out of this pit I threw myself in. At the same time, it’s still something to deal with. Something prescription pills can’t help. (I have never taken any of those.) People don’t understand me either. They keep saying, you have to get out there and be active. It’s hard to do when you are going through a struggle. I can’t turn the on/off switch.

That being said, I think he told me “My faith will carry you” because He is allowing me to press through. I was praying one morning in my car and I said, “God, I can’t help it. I am depressed. I don’t really have any reason to be.” And He once again gave me that Scripture.

We are pressed on every side by troubles, but we are not crushed. We are perplexed, but not driven to despair.-2 Corinthians 4:8

I am holding onto His Word. I am holding onto my faith. My faith is in Jesus. I have faith that He will rip this out of me completely. I believe He can do anything. I believe His stripes can heal me. Believing in it is one thing. Walking in it is another. It requires action and faith at the same time. I am going to force myself to do things that I don’t want to but need to do. This attack will be fought with Jesus at my side. He is leading in the battle. I have to put my shield of faith up and keep standing in my armor.

If you are dealing with depression, you can combat it with speaking the words of the Bible over your heart and mind. Ask God to start a healing and recovery that will last. Pills only masquerade the pain. The love of a Father who sent His son to die for you will not masquerade the pain. It will take it away completely. That doesn’t mean that it goes away by your own power. But by His.

Hold onto to these Scriptures during the struggle.

Isaiah 41:10-So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

Psalm 118:5-In my distress I prayed to the LORD, and the LORD answered me and set me free.

And hold onto the people who are willing to carry you to the feet of Jesus. Your faith will carry you. Hold onto Jesus with everything you have. He can be your everything in the middle of your something. 

Let Grace Find Me

Let Grace find me

When I am living in a broken world

Where people are hating each other and killing each other

Let Grace find me

When I’m out of breath from climbing this next mountain

When I don’t trust the person to the next

Let Grace find me

When my heart has been bruised and I see others hearts beaten

When faces are burned and children are being sold and trafficked

Let Grace find me

When babies are being murdered and animals are valued as being more sacred

When churches are no longer safe and the storms keep brewing

Let Grace find me

Where racism presides and love is trying to be destroyed

When there is war among the races and love doesn’t conquer hate

Let Grace find me

When the world is sinking and I’m struggling to stay afloat

When nature is turning on man and there is no safe place to hide

Let Grace find me

When destruction comes and there is no more light

The blood is red and day is now night

Let Grace find me. Let Grace find us.


Everywhere I look, there is someone saying this word. Tolerant. I could have sworn I blogged about this already. (Oh well.)

  1. 1.
    showing willingness to allow the existence of opinions or behavior that one does not necessarily agree with.

Let me say something about tolerance. Tolerance is not a justification for sin. People that spew out this word all the time are either ashamed of what they are doing and don’t want to be judged for it. Or….they just want you to look the other way.

Now, I am a Christian. So apparently that makes me an intolerant person. Because I disagree with a lot of things. According to God’s Word…there is a lot I cannot turn my head from. But just because I am a Christian does not mean I am not exempt from sin. I sin. My sins are not different in compare with other people’s. However…I don’t wish people to be tolerant of my sin. I want them to call me out on it. I don’t want them to look the other way if I’m about to fall off of a cliff. I want them to help me keep from falling.

Yes, it may hurt. Yes it may sting. But I would rather be right with God than thinking I am right because I am saved by grace. God’s grace is extended to us to keep us from the punishment of sin. Grace is not a license to keep sinning. Grace is not meant to be taken advantage of. 

People that live their lives however they wish and expect no judgement or punishment are setting themselves up for a big fall. It is a part of life. If you ride a bike carelessly, you might end up in a ditch and scrape your knee. Same thing goes for life. If you live carelessly, without any rules, a wake up call might be headed your way. God does not do this to punish us. But to save us. Save us from death and save us from free spirited thinking that will lead us to hell.

Tolerance is misused and misunderstood. If you are killing yourself, I’m not going to look the other way. Now, it’s up to you to make your decisions. However…don’t expect me to be ok with whatever you choose. Why is it that tolerance is one sided? I have to tolerate your thinking but you can’t tolerate mine. Or you have tolerate how I believe but I won’t listen to your beliefs. I will allow you to have your opinion and respect it. You should respect and listen to mine. This is why there is division in the world. Because people put tolerance in a box and use it do whatever they want to do. And when they are caught, they take it out of the box and say something like “You need to be tolerant.”

I’m sorry. Jesus Christ was anything but a tolerant person. He called people out on their sin. He called religious people “vipers”. He flipped a table over because He was angry. Jesus did not just smile and say…I’ll allow it this time. But next time, you better watch it. No. He said, “Go and sin no more.” That was an act of mercy. But he did not turn his head the other way. In fact, He was in their face and told them what’s what. He stood up in righteous indignation for what He believed in. He was crucified for what He believed in. And He did it so that we could also be righteous, by choice. Choice.

We should not keep making bad choices and say “Don’t judge me.” Because wake up. You will be judged. We all will be judged someday. You won’t be able to “tolerate” your way into or out of heaven. You are either a yes or no person. There is no gray area with sin. Sin is sin. No degree is bigger than the other. None of us are exempt from sin. If there is something you are doing and you think it is ok and acceptable, show me a Scripture in the Bible that says that. If you can’t find it, it’s not ok and it is not acceptable in God’s eyes.

Think of your choices. What you choose today can affect your tomorrow, the next day and possibly the rest of your life. You have free will. Use it wisely. Don’t use it too freely and expect grace to bail you out. That is not the purpose of grace. I don’t want to ever be tolerant of sin and if that ever happens, I am in serious trouble. God is not tolerant of sin and He is not silent about it.