Fate? Or fiction?

See, lately, I’ve been thinking of things. Things in my life are slowly aligning. I have a new job, which I love. I mean…yes it’s basically typing data into a computer program, but that is my forte. So…I’m good. I’ve been so excited. I feel like this job is a part of something bigger than I even know of. I feel like this part of my life is another stepping stone. To lead to what, I have no clue yet. I know that God wants me to live and succeed in what He’s called me to do. I am keeping my eyes focused on him, but sometimes they steer in another direction. 


That direction is the idea of having a relationship with someone. You see, I have yet to have “had” a relationship, per se, which someone. I think that is something that I do, indeed, want. I already have a relationship with my Creator. I have a relationship with the world. I have a relationship with my dog. I have a relationship with my parents and my friends and church. But there is still a lacking in my life, that will possibly be filled one day. The touch of a man. I’m not talking a touch, like a tap on the shoulder, I mean like the comfort of a warm hug. A hug of love. A tender touch. The essence of a kiss. Just strong arms I could be wrapped up in and feel safe. That’s what I do feel with God.when I close my eyes. I feel that warmth and that embrace. But any person can relate to that I’m sure. Especially a woman can relate. Because we’re emotional creatures. We relate things to emotion. I’m feeling emotional right now and it’s probably all a part of my nature. I’m tired of fighting that. I scream, I cry, I fight, I bleed just like everyone else. I was just saying this to myself the other day….Looks can deceive, I want to find a heart that bleeds. Meaning….I want a guy who has a passion in his heart for people. Passion for music. Passion for living. 


That is what I have. Passion. 


So it’s funny that I’m talking about this, because there is possibility in the air. There is a man who I have not seen or met, but people I know have told me that he looks similar to Michael Trucco, who is an actor that is EXTREMELY good looking. Tall, handsome, dark hair, fit, etc. I did not get to meet him that day. I was being interviewed at the time he walked in the building. This was last month. Anyways, I said out loud, God…if you want me to meet him, arrange it. Make it happen. So this happened today. The same people who saw this man the last time were there again. One of the people was my Dad. He loaned the guy some change for a 20. I mean…it’s funny how time manages itself to have my Dad be there at the same building at the same time the mystery guy was there. I don’t know if it’s fate or fiction, but it is definitely is a tad strange. Maybe I’m making too much out of it, but the dreamer in me hopes something will happen…IF it’s supposed to. If he’s married, gay or engaged, then there is way less of a chance, but..I’m just trusting God in all of this. It’s been a long time since I had a mystery guy. We’ll see. Until then..adieu.


Live your live in passion. 


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