Someone gave me the sweetest compliment yesterday. Something I don’t even think about myself, and it lifted my spirits in an unbelievable way. They said I like everything about you. Wow. Even I don’t feel that way. But the fact that someone said it to me touched my heart. I know I have flaws, and I concentrate on those rather than my strengths. It was said by someone I admire and my opinion of this person is “they” are really cool, fun, and interesting. So…it made me smile. All I could say was awwwwww…I wanted to give this person a big hug because some days I feel like I can never measure up to my own standards. I am the harshest critic of myself. I know God doesn’t see me in that way. He sees as what I can become rather than what I am. I need to start seeing myself in a different light. Yes, I am a Christian and you would think I would be more appreciative of who I am because I am made in God’s image. But…I am human. I have human emotions. I am cut by words. I bleed just as much as anyone else. I beat myself up. Not in the literal sense.

It’s something I think I needed to hear and it may seem small in comparison to other things, but it gave me joy to know that not everyone sees me the way I see myself. I would like to hope that I make a good impression on people. Not by my fashion sense, but by my character. I get sucked into the vortex of rumors and gossip sometimes. It’s like the Matrix. It can change a person. I don’t want that to happen. I want to inspire and encourage and build up someone. I’m conscious and try to be sensitive to other people’s feelings. I think…what if I was on the other end of humiliation and despair. Would I not want someone to reach out and try to mend and stitch that wound? Yes. Like the Samaritan man who was left on the road for dead, that ONE person saw the hurt…saw the pain and reached out.   That’s what I try to do. I would give a stranger a cup of water. I would give a stranger a few dollars to help them survive. My belief is that if you sow seeds of kindness without any agenda, it will come back to you. It’s just loving. Being a loving person. If this person reads this…thank you. You made my day yesterday. You are an awesome person and I hope people know that and don’t take advantage of that.


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