I am a Christian. This does not make me a Republican. Nor Democrat. Since we have the freedom of speech(for now)…I thought I would share my thoughts on the next 4 years. If you have not started reading the Bible, I suggest you do it now. It is a prophetic manual on what’s to come. And just because you may not have any faith in it doesn’t keep it from being real. God allowed this to happen, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. God often lets things happen that get us in a tizzy. Because his ultimate goal is for us to come to Him. I am thorougly disappointed in this nation, so I can sympathize. Tell me that a day of rain after election day isn’t a sign that God is crying. He’s crying because his children have let him down. They are in rebellion. And then there is punishment. If you think times are bad now..just wait. We are going to see famine. Things are going to get real. Not to say that to scare some of you. But…thousands of years ago…He started to flood the Earth because He was angry. We are experiencing hurricanes. We are experiencing pain and tragedy. I believe that is for a reason. Don’t misunderstand me. I am not saying that people have brought it on themselves. But through pain and sorrow and loss…hearts become more open to turning to someone greater than themselves. And God wants peoples hearts. He doesn’t want them to lose their lives in more than one realm. I am praying for this nation. That they turn to God, instead of man. People will let you down time and time again. We even let ourselves down. But He never fails. The devil has been tricking us for years thinking that God is never merciful and that God doesn’t care.

We have to rid ourselves of pleasuring ourselves. Our wants, needs, desires. That’s how we get in trouble with life. I am quite saddened that people care more about animals than humans. Our current president said that a baby is a fetus outside the womb. Our current president is not the only person who feels that way. Several people do. Every time I look into the eyes of a child..I think..would the world be served better if this person wasn’t here? My answer is always heck no. I understand there are situations where the baby was conceived in a violent matter. I know if I was in that situation, I would have a hard time accepting it. But there is adoption. Just because you wouldn’t want that baby doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give another person the right to have it. I know people who aren’t able to have children and they would love nothing to have a sweet little baby. Call it what you want. It’s murder. And talk to anyone who has had an abortion. Deep down they are filled with regret. If they are not, their hearts are cold and in denial.


I have tried and tried to deal with this. I know several people who are gay. And I love them. I may not agree with it. I know God doesn’t embrace it. I actually feel sorry for homosexuals because they are confused and go through many trials. And they hide in fear. I don’t agree with gay bashing by any means. But I don’t believe in embracing it. I can’t stand up for something I know God doesn’t support. It breaks my heart because I have compassion and I hate that they go through so many things. God loves gay people. He loves the heart in them. But he did not intend for them to live like that. I truly don’t believe that he wants people hiding from who they are. Spread the love of Jesus to someone you know who is. Don’t point the finger and be pious and self righteous. That is not the approach. Point them to the way of true life.

The Constitution.

I am sad because people want to just abolish and do away with it. This country was found on Biblical principles. I am sure George Washington and others would be rolling in their graves if they knew that the work they put into bringing this nation UNDER GOD the beginning was for nothing. They don’t want God in our schools. And pretty soon they will want to do away with God in our churches. Our towns, our communities. If you take God away…you are taking away protection and love and safety.I fear for our children. They are being preyed on constantly. And that’s because we told God we don’t want you here. We have this.


Sin is such an ugly word. Such a word of conviction. I am going through a season of pruning. Last Sunday…I felt huge conviction on the things that I’ve been watching. I know I watch things that I shouldn’t. I have become desensitized to sinful ways. I don’t want to be a whore for the world. (Pardon my French). I want to be a pure vessel for my Creator. I want to be a shining example of Jesus Christ. And in order to do that..I have to hate what He hates. And love what He loves. If that means giving up things that I found entertaining at one time…then its what I have to do.


I’m hoping some of you reading this might feel a tad convicted. Maybe you’ve been searching for God your whole life and never found him. Maybe you feel lost or alone. God loves you. He loves you so much that He  used his own flesh and blood to pour our blood as atonement for our filthiness. Because he doesn’t wish death on us. He wishes life. I could care less if you agree with what I’m saying. But I felt a need to say it. Well..write it. This is all truth, the only truth I know. If you don’t agree.that’s fine. You have your own truth and I have fine. I try to be respectful of other people’s opinions. But I’m not neglecting to share my own. Loving you all with the love of Christ.