I really feel strongly that God wants me to start singing again. This morning He said to me…Do not squander what I have given you. And I have been. It says in the Bible if we don’t use the gifts He’s given us…we will be judged for that. Wha..?? I don’t want to disappoint my Father. I am going to start using these gifts again. In fact, whatever gifts He has blessed me with. Photography, singing, acting…in whatever way I can I will use. I remember living in California and filming a lizard. I was actually chasing this thing like a paparazzi. And it was entertaining to me. I find entertainment in sometimes the smallest things. I have a Nikon I have only used on a few occasions. A wedding and pictures of my first hike with my best friends. I miss capturing moments. And I do miss singing. I never really gave it up. I have sung in many churches and I enjoy that. But I feel the need to cultivate it just being alone with my Father first. And I find that when I sing…I don’t just sing. I flow in the Spirit. So many times, I hate singing, cutting off for time reasons and then starting up a new song. Let the music flow. Let the lyrics flow. I find that when I sing also…God’s words speak through me. It turns into prophecy. The singing and prophecy are intertwined. God is doing a new thing in me and I am excited to see what He’s going to do through me!! 

Today…God was speaking through my singing and He was saying “Rise up O world. Rise up all ye nations.” It is time. It is time to arise. All the dead bones. All the ones who are spiritually dry. Rise up!!


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