Can men and women really be friends??

Hmm. Not so sure. Because you can’t be really good friends with someone that is married. You have to be careful and have boundaries out of respect for their spouse. And then being friends with someone you have feelings for and their feeling for you isn’t mutual. That friendship goes sour. Or if you are friends with a guy who has a girlfriend. Again, boundaries. Or…friends with a guy who has a toxic friendship with his ex (been there, done that). I would like a platonic friendship with a guy. It has not been something I have had in a long, long, time. Sometimes it is just nice to get a guy’s perspective and take on things. I do have one good guy friend, but he lives in a completely different state and is engaged. So, again, boundaries. Maybe I should put out a personal ad. Female seeks male friend. Oh, God that sounds either like a rom com movie or a desperate scripted plea on some Katherine Heigl movie. Hmm. I guess men and women can’t really be friends, unless I’m proven wrong. 


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