Heart surgery…


Today was amazing!!! So unexpected. I never woke up with a thought…”I hope someone heals my heart.” But that’s exactly what happened. I was going to go to my church. I like my church, but there is always something missing. The Holy Spirit. I have never felt strongly about a church in awhile. Anyways, it was live stream and I was watching. They started the praise and worship and I felt a presence, a calming presence come over me. It was peaceful. And then I could see in the Spirit, Jesus was walking right up to me. He took his hand and put it on my heart. Actually both sides. And then he told me to put my hand on top of his. I didn’t feel a zap or anything. But..I knew something was happening. I immediately burst into tears as I had my hand on my heart. Then I felt at his feet. I sobbed and sobbed. And it was as if he was performing heart surgery on me. Taking my heart and literally putting it in his hands. The heart that had been rejected and rejected. The heart that has always been looking for acceptance. The heart that never felt worthy. He gave me a new one.

Then I lifted my hands.

As I was lifting my hands, it began hard to keep them up. But then I saw his hands helping me lift my hands up. He has my heart and He has my hands. It was a beautiful moment and I won’t ever forget it. I feel like something had been taken out of me. I immediately felt happy and at peace. Thank you Jesus that you have taken my heart, renewed it. And put it back inside of me. 


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