You Are Not a Leah, You Are A Rachel!

Many stories in the Bible are about women. Some I just feel plain sorry for. Leah. Leah was always the second choice, never the first. She had a purpose, but can you imagine the insecurities she dealt with on a daily basis?? She was the oldest of her siblings, and her dad could not wait to pawn her off on some guy who didn’t even want her!!( Hello? Issues.) She probably always compared herself to her beautiful sister. Have you ever had a sister that you compared herself to, besides Jan Brady. (Heehee that’s a really old tv reference)

I remember I used to compare myself ALL the time to other people. Even when I would go to an airport, I would sit there in my seat. On the plane, a beautiful girl would walk in. Hair in perfect place. Perfect eyebrows and makeup. Thin.  Had a handsome boyfriend/fiancee/husband beside her. And I would sit there, over 200 pounds, comparing every inch of my fat to her 2% body fat. I would sit there and think…Wow my skin isn’t that luminous. I wish I had that color of eyes. That can drive a chick crazy! So I can imagine how nutty Leah felt. She probably thought she would never measure up to what Jacob wanted.

Have you ever felt like a Leah before? I have.

I have played the role of many. But Leah is one I will refuse to be. I have had the insecurities of Leah. I still struggle. Many of us feel sorry for Jacob, who was tricked into marrying her. He worked and labored for the love of his life for 7 years!! And then he was coaxed into marrying the one he didn’t intend to marry. Followed by another 7 years of labor for someone else! So, this woman willingly goes into a marriage and bears children. Nevertheless, with a man she knows deep down will never love her the way she wishes for. What pain. What agony. I couldn’t bear the emotional turmoil of this poor woman. She did bear the most children and Rachel was barren. Still..she always knew he would be in love with her sister. (Sister wives???) And he would probably never look at her the way he did Rachel.

Maybe you have felt this way. Maybe you have tried to earn the affection of a guy who won’t give you the time of the day. Don’t. Maybe, in moments of desperation, you have succumbed to joining the world of online dating. Don’t. Maybe you like chasing guys who have girlfriends. Don’t. Don’t ever do those things. I am guilty of doing those things in the past. I didn’t approach it at all in the way God would have wished me to. I did everything I could to win over these guys’ hearts. Yes, I had/have a heart for God. But, at the same time, I didn’t think He could fulfill this want. This want to have contact and affection from a man. But I can testify, his love, this love is tangible!! I have felt it. There is a distinct thing He does with me. It is personal and intimate. He gives me a literal chill in my back and shoulders. It is a bolt of energy that shoots up my veins. I don’t think anyone could make me feel that way. He makes me feel the same way a wife should feel with a husband.

The moral of the story, ladies, is that you are not Leah. You are not unloved and unwanted. You are a Rachel. You are worth working 14 years for! You are worthy dying for! You are God’s first choice and will always be. He proved it.

Proverbs 31:30 “Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain,
    but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”

A virtuous woman is something that should be longed for, more than someone who lives in the ways of the world. You may start out as a Leah, but once you realize who you are and what you are capable of, you will see that you were a Rachel all along!!

Let strength and honor be your clothing. Let your praise to God be your perfume. Don’t adorn your body with fine jewelry as if that is made up of all your self worth. Let integrity be what you clothe yourself in. Righteousness is far more precious than perfection



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