Further…and further…

It is a good thing to occupy my mind with something other than relationships during these holidays. It doesn’t consume me, these thoughts. But having a lot of time on my hands not working, the mind can wander aimlessly. Jesus is so good to me though. His promises stay true. His word never fails. He has given me a job. Hopefully one, I can excel at. Will it be hard? Yes. Will He have my back? YES. I love the fact that I have other things to think about on this holiday. 

I got a cush job at Amazon. Great pay, training, great leaders and team. It seems like a great company. I am still dealing with insecurity and the fear of failing. As we all experience that. Especially when you’ve been unemployed for awhile. But…I firmly believe that God would not bring me this far to fall. I’m going to have to lean totally on the Holy Spirit. Because my feelings tell me I can’t do this. My heart says…keep trying. So that is what I am going to do. I do have to work on the holidays. But I’m sure that it will pay off. Literally 😉 I am going to put my best foot forward. 


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