Let me first say, I am tired of hearing this word. (Haha call me intolerant). This word has been used so many times. Let me clarify something who throw this word around to their every whim. Tolerance is not the same thing as acceptance. They are two very different things. Tolerance means I don’t agree with it but live with it. It does not mean I accept it. For some reason, our world has been trying to combine these two words and their meanings. They contradict each other. They have two different meanings for a reason.

I can tolerate second hand smoke. That doesn’t mean I accept it traveling through my body. I can tolerate people’s opinions. That doesn’t mean I accept them. I don’t agree with bashing someone for their opinion. We are all entitled to what we think and believe. That’s the beauty of America. I don’t expect people to agree what I believe. You are the owner of free will. But don’t resort to being hateful about it. I don’t agree with gay bashing. And I also don’t agree with Christian-bashing either. This is the reason this country seems to divided. This nation was founded by God. Whether you believe that or not is up to you. And if you do firmly believe that, then you should include him in this nation. Don’t fit God inside a little box. He’s too big, too magnificent for that. And don’t conform Him into the God you want him to be. He accepts and he hates. He also loves. And he has given us the freedom to accept, hate and love. Not hating people. Loving people.

It humbles me when I think of Jesus on the cross. Even in the midst of scorning, mocking, bleeding, He said “Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do.” Personally, if it was me, I would’ve said something like…”God I don’t care what happens to them. They have hurt me, humiliated me. Send them all to hell.” That is the ultimate lesson in forgiveness. I can’t imagine a human saying that to another human. He endured such suffering so that we wouldn’t have to. If it wasn’t for Him, the devil would’ve had all power over us. But someone had to die. Someone had to endure. He died for every gay person, every prostitute, every greedy and corrupt person. This includes us. His dying means we have a second chance. To change. He doesn’t intend women to keep devaluing themselves. He desires purity from them. (Read about Mary Magdalene). He doesn’t intend the greedy to keep and store for themselves. He wants them to give back to the community and to help the starving. He doesn’t intend people to live a homosexual lifestyle. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t want them to be happy either. Gay or straight, people have a way out of not living up to God’s best way. Bottom line, don’t let anyone keep you from the heart of God. Whether it’s a man or woman. He loves you so much. He wants you all for himself.

If we say we are one of his people, but only live by SOME of the Bible that he dictates, then we have put God inside a box. People who love him live by His complete word, without any fragments missing, are truly his children. Do not say you are a Christian and refuse to acknowledge the Bible in it’s entirety. Remember, this is my own opinion, so I would appreciate no bashing. You don’t have to agree with any of this. This is my personal truth. You have to find your own and what is true to you. But I hope in that journey, that you seek and find Christ.

Love to all.


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