God: Never Ending Customer Service

So, as most of you know, I had been working in customer service for the past two months. I have dealt with patient and impatient people. During peak season, we dealt with the Christmas craziness. People waiting to get those packages and whatnot. People were angry, upset, crying, miserable. All over late deliveries, things being stolen. Prices going up.

All this made me think. I had an enlightening moment. Who do I know who faces these things all the time? God.

God deals with never ending impatient people (including myself).

“God, you said you would bless me. Where is it? It should’ve been here by now.”

“God, if I don’t get what you promised me, I will go somewhere else to get it.”

“God, I am upset because what you gave me isn’t what I wanted. I wanted something different. I’m giving it back and am asking for something different.”

“God, this is ridiculous that I have to wait this long to get something!”

“God, someone else stole my gift!!”

“God, maybe I’ll just ask someone who knows what they’re doing!”

“God, are you even listening to me? Do you even get what I’m saying????” You don’t understand!!”

“God you charged me for something I didn’t even ask for!”

“God, I want my money back that I gave you.”

How many times or how many questions does God have to deal with from us? How impatient are we when he asks us to wait for something? How much trust do we have when he says he is going to do something. If we don’t see it right away, do we put the blame on him or on ourselves? I am full of conviction even as I write this.

God is my problem solver and the solution to all of my problems, yet I blame him. For mistakes I have made in my life. I am impatient in waiting for his promises for me to be fulfilled. I have an empathy and sympathy for him. And I am aware of this.

I have an idea of my reason for him putting me in that job. Not only to try to be a light in a miserable nail biting world. But also to see things from a different perspective. To see what is truly important. It is not material things. It is not making the most money. It is making a difference in the world. Getting people their packages and money back did absolutely nothing for me. I did have one conversation that made my day yesterday on my last day.  A sweet old man in his 80’s that was a pleasure to talk to. You could tell he was a good man with moral character. Very rare. He wasn’t a dirty old man trying to hit on me or get something from me. He was a man who wanted to talk and have a nice conversation with. I wasn’t trying to sell him or get him to buy anything. I reminded him that, even in his age, he still has purpose. He knows the important things in life. I won’t even forget that man. I would’ve talked to him all day if I had to.

That’s how I want to be with God. To where I could talk to him all day. Make a connection. My likes and dislikes. His likes and dislikes. I want to tell God that I thank Him for all he has done for me. Not to ask of anything, just to talk. Just to forget about the woes in life. And to be just greatful and humble.

“Humble yourselves in the Lord, and He will lift you up.”

I believe I made some great connections in the Amazon world and I learned a thing or two. From leaving, I will take this. I have a new appreciation for God and I will try not to be so impatient and so demanding. I will wait. I will enjoy. I will love Him without having any need to ask.


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