we have failed

I see the news. I see disturbing events and recent articles about things that are going on in our country. Things that are going on in other countries. And I can’t help but think….we failed. We failed to stand up and fight injustice hard enough. We failed to stand up for keeping God as a vital part of our country.

We failed to teach our children lessons of value and integrity. I’m not saying our group as a whole. But when you look at this country and these crimes that are being committed by teenagers, children, etc. I think…their parents failed. Sometimes we let technology babysit our kids. I’m not talking about letting them watch Netflix. But in a lot of homes…technology is a babysitter. Not everyone has a maternal or paternal side. When you let your child into the web, they can be blinded by deceit. By improper information. If they don’t get something they need from family or friends….they look for it elsewhere. The internet was invented so that people would be able to get information. To get history. Man has twisted it for his own agenda. Now you can find everything. How to build bombs. How to incite riots. Social media is raising our children. And it needs to be stopped. There is a good side and a bad side to the internet. Make sure that you have control over what your kid is seeing. If you don’t take those precautions, you could be responsible for someone that might commit a crime.

We failed in standing up for God. This country was founded on religious freedom. “One nation under God”. Under God. This is God’s country. This was made and created by God. A place where people live to serve him and help others find their way. This is not OUR country. It is his. And he and his name is constantly being slapped in the face. How did we let this happen? We took him out of our schools. We took him out of our government. Bit by bit, we are tarnishing his name. We are using it in blasphemy. We are mocking those on tv who believe in Him. We are making idols out of people who are airbrushed and ingenuine. We are using our churches for anything but the original purpose. I am not picking on Christians, by any means. I am just saying we as a whole have let down the ball when it comes to our religious rights. When I think of Pastor Saeed, who is being imprisoned. Who is being treated lower than an animal is enduring for his beliefs…I am shaken. I am not in fear of imprisonment…yet. I do not have to share a cell with murderers, rapists. I do not have to worry where my next meal is coming from or even if it’s coming to me. I am disgusted that our government has turned its backs on this man and his family. Where is the heart for people. You should not neglect to help them, whether they think differently of you. Whether their opinions are different.

We have failed in protecting life. This is a subject I am very emotional and sensitive about. Life. Human life and animal life. Every day, a fetus is born and at the same time, murdered. It seems that animals are being abused and killed as well. Not sure if this happens every day. But..the point is….we have disregarded the value of life. I don’t agree with hunting unless it’s a matter of life or death. For sport is another issue. I’m not judging those who do. It’s just not something I personally would choose unless faced with a life/death situation. I also don’t agree with killing sea life for sport. I ran across an article about young teens in Denmark who are killing innocent dolphins as a form of showing masculinity. This is barbaric and absolutely disgusting to me. It would not impress me to see a man cut with a hook 3 times an innocent mammal. Did this animal ever inflict harm to them? No. Was this an act of self defense? No. This was for sport. This was a celebration. It makes my blood boil. The same goes for human children. Did a baby ever inflict harm on you? No. Was this killing an act of defense? Absolutely not. This was a choice. Yes, women, we have a choice. But it is a choice to kill or give life. Several women I know are in the process of adoption. Because they either a) can’t have babies or b) felt led to deliver a child from a third world country. Think about the first. Women can’t have babies. Some women are infertile, unable to get pregnant. They would love nothing than to have a beautiful baby, freshly born, in their arms right now. But instead you are not only killing that baby, you are killing the chance for that mother to never know the feeling of a sweet baby boy or girl to hold. You are killing life and killing that chance. Think about that next time you decide you don’t want a baby. There are women who have miscarried. That is one of the most painful things to lose. Your child. Think about this next time you decide having a baby is not for you. Abortion is murder. It is a choice. And it is yours. So if you can live with yourself for making the choice to murder, go ahead and try. I personally think it is wrong and should be illegal. Even though it is illegal in areas, it doesn’t mean people will stop. In countries, such as China, they are actually FORCED without consent, to abort their babies. These women have NO choice. So in America, we do. Start making the right ones. The taxes we pay, that is put toward this murder.

We need to stop failing our God. We need to stop failing our children. We need to stop failing this country. “Good men exists when evil men/women do nothing.”



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