let their voices be heard…

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I was starting to have withdrawals. There is something about the simplicity of typing your thoughts into a few paragraphs. But there is a cause on my heart that won’t seem to fade. Sex trafficking is absolute rampant on our planet. Evil is lurking in other countries and it is lurking in our own. It doesn’t have to happen in a dark alley. Sometimes it happens in broad daylight. Children are being kidnapped and sold into slavery. Women are being tricked into falling in love with a man. That love binds them into chains and they are given no choice but to comply. These deviants, these sick people who prey on the innocence, should be prosecuted. It boils my blood when I look into the eyes of the beautiful children I know and think…why kind of monster would rob their purity?? Plain and simple, it is the devil. The devil inside of people. 1 Peter 5:8-8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

We need to fight for those who do not have a voice. Or that had a voice and had it taken away. We need to fight for their voices to be heard. If no one will fight for them, who will? God can fight FOR them through US.



What if this was your daughter? Your son? Would you not want them to be free. This IS someone’s daughter. This IS someone’s son. How will they experience the freedom that they are meant to live in? The awareness for human trafficking has increased and at the same time, it spreads like wildfire. It is a victory when one boy, one girl finds freedom. It is a victory when a man or woman breaks free from their predator. The wounds take time to heal. Emotional scars take longer. Use your freedom to free those who can’t find it yet.

You were given hands. Not to be chained. But to break the chains off those who live in suffering.To cut the ropes of fear wrapped around them. You were given a mouth. Not to be bound. But to speak for those who are. Use it.


Some of you are saying.. Ok. I agree. This is a sadistic practice. How can I help? There are several resources to get involved. Use google selfishly. Do research. There are several links I will post that you can get more involved with. Whether it be in your own community or globally. Post about it in your blog, increasing awareness. Organize a fundraiser to gather funds. Advertise it like propaganda. Get involved!! Whether it is in your local community or internationally. Pray and ask God  how you can be used to stop these horrific crimes. It is an epidemic. If you suspect someone that is being trafficked, do not hesitate. Call this toll free number 1 (888) 373 7888

The Polaris Project  http://www.polarisproject.org

A21 Campaign (founded by Christine Caine)  http://www.thea21campaign.org/

Shared Hope International    http://www.sharedhope.org


Rescue and Restore   http://www.rescueandrestoreky.org/

-The Cairn     http://www.cairncoffee.com/  (They have contributed a generous portion toward ending sex trafficking organizations and projects in the restoration of these women and children.( Plus their coffee and food is superb!)

God is laying on my heart something big. I want to do something. Word of warning: When you challenge God, He challenges back. He is challenging me. Just as he challenged Noah to spend his time for a year building an ark. He challenged Peter to step out of the boat in the middle of the storm, to walk on water with Jesus. Did Noah know how to build an ark? No. Did Peter know how to walk on the water? No. But they walked with the eyes of faith. The only time they were about to fall when when they looked at the circumstances. Which is what we tend to do. He’s asking me to organize an event. Something I have never EVER done. It is something that takes money, manpower and resources. I’m asking for input. But ultimately, the Holy Spirit will lead me to these things. I’m just thankful for the connections I have and will use them.

I don’t care about making a name for myself in the world. I care about making a difference.



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