Face palm. I totes hate you. This was said sarcasticly.

I realized something tonight. People are lonely. Including me. Why do I feel the need to post what I’m feeling, what I’m doing. Taking a pic of everything(when I had a cell phone). Posting pins on pinterest that I think are funny or worth sharing. I won’t lie. I get lonely. I wish I was living more life offline than on. This winter is dreary and boring. And my social life is dwindling by a thread. So I have Bookface to keep me warm at night. It shouldn’t have to be like this. I should be talking to real people. Having real conversations in reality with real people. There are a few I really like to talk to. And if I made a road trip to meet up with all of my facebook friends, I might actually be living life offline. I think we all could use a break from this social media crap. I say crap because it gets to the point of being annoying. People unfriend and re-friend the friend when they aren’t mad at them anymore(guilty). People post too much political crap. People can be very negative and feel the need to post and stir up arguments because they are THAT bored. Sometimes I post something and either delete it or hide it from my timeline to make it look like I don’t post that many things in one day. Sad.

I like too many things. I post too many things. I have a posting and liking problem. Better yet, I have befriended social media sites to the point of obsession. It annoys me, yet I do it. I blog for the sake of helping people. Especially single women. I feel that is a need that needs to be heart. Or a cause that needs to have awareness. But I enjoy more than anything the companionship of people. I love my friends. I love my family. Which is the main reason I keep my Facebook (no it’s not. it’s the addiction). See, even then, I live in denial to this religion that has formed. I admit. I get excited when I get a notification that turns out 40% of the time to have nothing to do with me. I like hearing “You’ve Got Mail”, Mr. Moviephone. I like the assurance that someone cares. Even taking the time to respond to what I write or post. But just knowing these things makes me come to realize that not only I, but others are lonely. My wish is to be one of those cool people that don’t have Facebook.

Twitter is a whole other story. Sigh. Let’s save that for another time. Or not.


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