Pregnant…with purpose and passion

So here I am, expecting to dread Valentines Day. So far it has been great! I’ve been lounging around in my bedroom. No one was around. And there was a message that was flowing in my Spirit. It was about pregnancy. I was standing around, walking back and forth, pretending to preach to all these single women about pregnancy. I know its weird. Wha…?? God works in mysterious ways.

Once I write it all down, I will post the message here so that all of you can read it. I have a heart for single women. God has put it on my heart the last few years to start ministering to single women. Most of the times in the church, we have Bible studies. But nothing fully geared for single women. And from my experience, living as a single woman, there is a sense of displacement. A sense of confusion and a lost sense of hope. I feel if I don’t reach out to these women, they will either fall into an abusive relationship. Or worse, hurt themselves, because they have no one to turn to or no one to hold their hand during these times. People are taking their lives almost every day. And I want to search those women out and help them during this time of need.

I think now is the time to share this message. Because God is birthing something new in all of our hearts. And it’s not just for us to know. It’s for everyone to know. (I can’t remember it word for word this message that was flowing out)

Pregnancy. I was thinking about how God births things inside us. And it was a parallel between the physical world and the spiritual world. The physical world is in no way like the spiritual world.

How do you know you are pregnant?

First symptom is throwing up. Vomiting. Now when you are feeling pregnant with purpose, things in your body change. And your spirit goes through changes. Throwing up is unpleasant. But, in the spiritual world, it could be vomiting up the ways of the world. Throwing up old past behaviors, toxic relationships, sinful desires, etc. It is a purging of things that have been holding us back. It can be a release of fear, anger, depression, anxiety, etc.

What can follow the symptoms after that? Doubt. “I don’t know if I’m ready for this.” As Juno said “I’m in high school, dude. I’m just ill-equipped.” “I don’t know if I am able to handle this kind of responsibility. Let me assure you, every person that God has used one time or another, has questioned themselves in following His will. They have questioned their ability and skill.

Moses questioned himself. Exodus 3:11- But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” Moses didn’t know how to speak well. He mumbled his words. But God used him to bring thousands of people out of slavery and bondage. He helped part the seas.

Noah. He didn’t know the first thing about building an ark. He probably didn’t know anything about lumber. How to build. But God showed him. God revealed to him the blueprints of how to construct it.

These are a few examples. I have doubted myself time after time. When you put your faith in yourself, you might be let down. When you put your faith in God, He will never let you down.

Once doubt disappears and you realize that you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you….joy comes! I am pregnant. I have purpose. Yay! You can see the possibilities coming into fruition without seeing it with your own eyes. God shows you new avenues. It’s exciting to come into your calling.”



What happens when are after you are through birthing your purpose and calling? In the natural realm, you lose sleep. I myself deal with insomnia quite often. I don’t know why. It could be because my brain is always thinking. It never shuts off!! Pregnant women lose sleep. Their purpose sometimes wakes them up. Their purpose begs an screams to be fed. How can we feed our purpose? By reading God’s Word. Letting the Bible come into our hearts, come into new knowledge. Not only about ourselves, but about God and his love and plans for us!! The Bible is the most interesting book you will ever read if you let it inside.

Changing diapers in the physical world. Changing things in the spirtual world. Maybe how you go about things involving your mission. Things that are constantly changing implies they are moving. So it’s not dormant. It’s not inactive. It is something moving about.  Maybe you need to change your thinking. Your perspective.  Or changing the ways you go about pursuing your passions. I, myself, go through a lot of changes. Not only physically, but spiritually.  I’ll give you an example. Once I realized I needed to start working on my songs and brainstorming, God was showing me something. In order to concentrate on my passion, I had something blocking me from receiving. My tv in my bedroom. It was the focus of my room. I thought at first..”No, it’s not a distraction.” But it was. So I “changed” things. Even in my room. And I find now that I am able to hear and see more clearly the vision he has for me.

So, summing this up…the parallels between physical and spiritual pregnancy are similar yet different.


-Throwing up the ways of the world, past desires, sin, etc.

-Doubt (Can I do this, God? I don’t have experience or have been trained in this)

-Joy (“I can’t wait to start this dream  you have given me, God!”)


-Losing sleep…having to get up in the wee hours and feed your vision by reading the Word. Reading and researching how to keep your vision and purpose alive!

-Changing things…changing perspectives. Changing how to go about living and walking in this purpose you gave birth to.


Terminating pregnancy

Some of you might have a calling, might have a new passion that God is stirring up inside of you. But you might be thinking…I don’t want it. It’s not something I really want to do. It’s not something I can handle. You might think of saying…God I know you gave me this dream, but I don’t want it. I’m not going to pursue it. You are terminating your purpose. Think of this also. Not only are you terminating your purpose…you are terminating someone else’s. People that have sown into you seeds of hope. Seeds of faith and encouragement. Those people who have prayed and fasted with you. Stayed on the phone with you while you were crying because you can’t handle the pressure. Maybe them helping you in your purpose gave them a sense of one. So if you kill the seed, you kill the purpose and theirs.

The last thing I thought I would be talking about is pregnancy. I have never been pregnant, let alone had a boyfriend or husband. So this is way out of my league right now. But it could be used someday for someone. Even now. I don’t consider myself qualified to give out messages on this subject. But it was put in my heart and my spirit this day.

What is your purpose?

What is your passion and dreams?




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