Passion united and ignited!

Recently, I have had people in my social circle who have tapped/are tapping into their passions. One of my friends is a wedding planner. Another is a photographer. Another runs her own grooming salon. Another owns a theater. A masonry business. It’s amazing that I am surrounded by such creative and inspiring people. People who are getting out there and making things happen for themselves and for others!! And it has inspired me also to take a big leap of faith and do something I have always wanted to do! I’m very, very excited for this. This is something I wanted, but didn’t fully pursue it. I have always have a dream. A desire that needs to be harvested. 

I am the kind of person where I go to a special event, I wish I could take pictures. I wish I could zoom in for that perfect kiss from bride to groom. I wish I could film and gaze at the perfect sunset, while taking a picture of it. I wish I could capture every sweet smile that comes my way. I wish, I wish. Well these wishes are not in vain. God gave them to me. To capture through a photo lens what I perceive to be beautiful is what He intends. He sees us in a different composition than we see ourselves. And that is what I want to do. I want to show people their natural beauty and features. I want to show them the beauty that God sees in them!! We all need to find and know our beauty. Not just talking outside.

A woman with wrinkles can be beautiful. Not because of her makeup. But because her heart shines brighter than her lipstick. Her eyes have love in them. Her lines of laughter. I see beauty in everyone. Usually when someone is talking to me, I look at their eyes. You can tell if there is sadness is someone’s eyes. Light or dark in their eyes. Joy or happiness in someone’s eyes. 

I want to capture the essence of who they are. I want them to look at the pics I take of them and say Wow! I didn’t know that I was pretty or that I was handsome this whole time. People need to feel good about themselves. Not in a prideful way, but a confident way. The world is always telling us we are not thin enough or pretty enough. That, if we lost those extra pounds, we would be amazing. Don’t look at yourself the way the world will tell you to.

Beauty is only skin deep. It is the soul that matters. It is the spirit inside that matters more than anything. If you have a broken spirit, it shows. If you have a hurting soul, it shows. But if you have a confident spirit it shows also. 

Not only do I want to capture someone’s beauty, but nature’s beauty. It is strange the things that I find mesmerizing. The different textures of tree bark. I don’t know why. I guess I can relate to that outer roughage. That tough skin that protects what is underneath it. I love leaves of all different colors. I love flowers and how they have been handpicked by God for me to see and touch. Everything in nature is part of His way of showing love. When you see a pink flower, you can’t help but not feel happy. That pink, that color, those petals soft to the touch were made for you. I know I sound a little nutty, but God has been showing me His love in different ways. When I see clouds in the sky, I don’t just see white cotton balls. I see things that He wants to show me. He does all of these for me. A beautiful sunset for me to look at. I can’t help but photograph God’s love for me. On the risk of sounding cheesy and corny, that is how I feel when I see things now. It gives me a new appreciation.

Today, I was trying to find all the pictures I have taken. Of people and nature. I found some and I am building a website all on my own without costing me a dime. And today…due to some research, I found a place where I can sell and deliver my photos when I start building clientele. I am going to start building my portfolio. It feels like it will be coming together! I am going to take courses and educate myself. I will then get my certification. I am so excited!! I always mention in my posts that I would love nothing than to drive my car all around the country and just take pics. The ultimate road trip. And make it into a book, all of these pictures. Maybe not by myself. But..that would be just the ultimate for me. Not chained to a desk. Just in the breeze, my hair flowing everywhere, basking in the sunshine of God’s goodness. I have always been a free spirit. I intend to stay that way. 


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