Cinderella, Grab Your Sword.

Every girl wants to be Cinderella. Or Barbie. Personally, I prefer Cinderella. In a way, her story parallels that of Jesus. Not exactly, but similar. She was the child of a king. Then after his death, lived as an orphan and pauper. But still with purpose. In the end, she ended up reigning an entire kingdom with her Prince at her side.

One of my favorite medieval-like movies is Ever After. She was not your typical sitting pretty princesses. First, she lived royally with her king, who was also her Dad. Accustomed to the ways of luxury. But after her father died from an accident while horse riding, her evil stepmother forced her into slavery and servanthood. This form of cruel punishment was either out of jealousy and envy. (My theory is that the Queen was a deeply insecure woman who always felt the need to find approval. Due to her issues with her own childhood and the way her mother treated her. )

The queen’s love for the King was never more sacred than the love and affection of his daughter. So her pain inside was projected outward by hurting her step daughter. Anyways, back to “Cinderella.” She still tried to earn the love and affection from one who was not quick to give it. And was shunned. (History repeating itself) She did her duties out of honor and respect. I love the courage of her character. But when she first gazes upon the new young prince, she is not swooning over him. She does not throw herself at him like the others. (A generous tip for you ladies ;). She knows her place. And although she could just flat out say, I am a princess, she remains to hold her crown silently with quiet dignity.

The Prince, while arrogant and ill mannered at times, was drawn in. Not by her natural unaware beauty. But her integrity. She risked her life to save one of her servants. (Esther?) She showed him that He needed to take responsibility and grow up. Just as she had. Every guy needs a woman in his life that will give him a reality check. It doesn’t always have to be sweet and endearing. But it can be in a manner that truly gets his attention.

Back to the story, she saved his life risking hers. She hid behind a false name for protection. At the annual ball, she was “exposed” in her secret life and embarrassed in front of thousands. The evil queen then sold her back into slavery and the Prince shunned her. My favorite element of the story is this. She did not depend on someone to save her. She whipped out her sword and saved herself. After the Prince realized he was in love with her, He came to save her. But she had already been freed. Love it. Love it. Love it.

What is the point in telling this story? It is this. You are already a warrior princess, just as Cinderella was. She lost her shoe, which she thought was her identity. She thought her worth was in a name. Or her royalty. What she, as well as all of us have to realize is, that you were already made in strength. Your dignity is your clothing. Your mouth and your hands are your sword. Fight back against the insecurities. Use your sword and tear down the walls that compare you to other people. Spit in the face of the devil, who is always making you doubt God and yourself. God can show you how to use your weapons to fight back. The world will always tell you that you are not enough. God tells you that you are more than enough.

Put on your combat boots or high heels. Draw your swords and fight with your heart! “I will not sleep until the war is over.” There is a war brewing. Not only in other countries but our very own. People are killing their own children. People are kidnapping innocence. One puts a thousand to flight. Two pus ten thousand to flight. Demonic spirits that is. BUT…. When two or three are gathered, God is in the midst. So we need to join forces and take back what the devil has taken and is still taking.

Find a cause and fight for it. Raise awareness. One voice can help hundreds. One voice can make a difference.

An army full of praying and fighting women can annihilate a battlefield.

Do not expect it to go away on its own. God has given us the solidarity of sisterhood and strength. And we are more than conquerors! In order to find this inner strength, you might have to sacrifice some things. You might have to get rid of some things. You have to be willing to lose to gain. Yes, you might lose that relationship or friendship. But if that is a hindrance to what God wants to do for you, in you, and with you…isn’t it worth it? I would rather be single, whole and strong than attached, empty and weak.

Are you being treated the way the Queen treated Cinderella? Is there someone in your life that is constantly making you feel miserable? Mother? Father? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? If there is…let me tell you that all the things they are telling you hold no truth. You are a precious jewel, not only in my eyes. But God’s eyes. You were made to be admired, cherished, appreciated. The way a King treats his daughter. You were made to be fought for, longed for. And you already have a King. Who wants to save you when you are not strong enough to fight. The one will fight with blood and sword to rescue you from this world. Let him win your heart. Let him be your King. Every princess needs the love and loyalty of a King. And if it is to be, He will lead that Prince to you.

Psalm 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord and HE will give you the desires of your heart.”

Take care, Warrior Princesses!! ❤


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