Before and After

I’m at the beginning of my weight loss journey again. I am at a self discovery level. I am discovering why I do the things I do. My patterns. Self-realizations. It is kind of fun and eye opening. Anyways, this morning I was taking before pictures of my body. I use them as a way of showing progress. It is rewarding when you see how your hard work, sacrifice and dedication can pay off. 

Not long after, God had showed me something. 

Instead of taking pictures of our bodies, we should take pictures of our hearts. That would be more enjoyable to see the before and after pictures of those!


Not only is weight loss about getting your body in shape. But your heart right. Things that are internal tend to show on the external. How I feel about myself and my life is projected outward. But because of the actress in me, I am good at hiding things. I used to be really good about perfecting the outside so that no one would see the pain and hurt inside. And that is not healthy. That is not a good pattern. Eventually, I got tired of projecting perfection and just threw in the towel. I used to place so much importance on my appearance that my inside was lacking. I was with lack and loss. Once the inside was boiling over, it poured into outside. I stopped caring about what I looked like. Some days I would go without showers.(Eww I know…not while in public though) Finally, once people tried to help me out of my funk, I started caring again. 

Now I make a tiny bit more effort into caring what I look like. It’s a miniscule way of showing that I want to love myself again. The point of this post is this. Yes, it is good to care about the outside. More importantly, inside. Your heart. Are there things brewing inside that you need to let go of? Fear of rejection? Worry? Anger toward someone that hurt you? If this is brewing inside, let me warn you. No matter how much you try to put on a face outside, you won’t get rid of it. 

If you don’t let it go, by the time you are ready to, it won’t let go of you. 

Don’t hold onto fear. Don’t hold onto unforgiveness toward that person who did you wrong. Because, ultimately, you are still allowing them to control you. Don’t let anyone grab the reins of your heart and life except Jesus. Look at your before picture of your heart. 

Before: Heart broken

After: Heart healed and finding wholeness


Before: Insecurity

After: Security


Before: Anger

After: Forgiveness and love


Before: 50 pounds heavy

After: Healthy and happy

Don’t weigh yourself or measure your self worth by your size.

That is always subject to change. But measure yourself by the fact that God loves you. Jesus died for you and He will never leave your side. The fact that He chose YOU to save should make you realize you are worth saving. Don’t give up hope. You may be in your “before” phase. But wait until you let God do the work He wants to do in you and see your “after”. I guarantee if you let go and let God take over, your after will be better and your before will seem silly. And you will truly see who God is and what He can do.


Take care, Warrior Princesses! Keep fighting.


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