Pray For Me.

I don’t want to come off rude. Don’t get me wrong. Saying “Pray for me” is a nice way of saying you need help. Someone usually writes back “Sending prayers your way!” Or “I’ll pray for you” is the typical response back. I can’t help but think “Are they actually praying?” I would like to think most are actually doing it. People have to own up to their own truth. I’ll admit in the past, I said I would. I never did. I’ll pray for you was the equivalent of saying I’m sorry. I think I said it to make people feel better. But I, subconsciously, lied to them and to myself. Once I realized this, I looked at the significance of the truth in praying. And looked deep. Now when I say or write “Praying!”on someone’s wall, I make a conscious effort to either pray for them in person. Or pray while away from them. At that very moment.

The thing that should be accompanied with prayer is belief. If you pray and you don’t believe that God can take care of that need, doubt comes between you and that situation. Here’s an example. For a year and a half, I had the worst pain my hand. I didn’t have a proper diagnose from a doctor. However, I did research and I’m convinced it was beginning or middle stages of carpal tunnel. It was from a job I had where I used my hands extensively. Anyways, a burning and stiff pain left my hand a bit crippled. It limited me from doing a lot of things. I prayed about it. But doubt would always creep in at the same time. “My hand is damaged. Nothing can be done. I’ll just learn to live with it.” My prayer, mixed with unbelief did nothing for me. Time had past and I was seriously tired of the pain. One day Sunday morning, something unexpected happened. During a service from my satellite church, it shifted. The sermon turned into a healing service. I was praying for my hand. God point blank asked me..”Do you believe?” I said “Yes”, wholeheartedly. He healed and took the pain from my hand. This was a few months ago. I have  not had pain since. I used to have to wear a brace! No longer. That is the power of prayer and Jesus’ blood!!

Quite a few times, people (including myself) will say “Pray for  Me, Mare.” And I do. However, I will from now on say to those this. There is nothing wrong to ask someone to come into agreement with your OWN prayer. It is how we help each other. I will also pose a question. If you are not praying yourself and do not believe that “my God shall supply all your needs”, how do you expect anything to change?? By me praying and believing, accompanied with your doubts if God can do what he says He can do. He can work beyond doubt and may answer that need anyway. But I can’t make it happen for you. I can’t make you believe. Only you can choose that. But the moment you mix prayer with belief, I guarantee God will prove himself to you.

Look at it this way. You have direct communication with God himself. You have him on speed dial. Don’t be afraid to come to him. No need is too big or small. This isn’t a lesson that I was born knowing. He shows me these things. He keeps proving himself to me. Prayer is a beautiful thing. I don’t think we quite get the power of it all. I tend to forget sometimes. I’ve seen dead bodies raise because of prayer. I’ve seen people healed and demons cast out of people out of prayer. God has done miracles in my own body because of prayer. So..saying pray for me is a valid thing. But if you are saying it ALL the time…I say..Where is your faith? Who is on your speed dial? Mine has to be on God. He can answer things beyond the human mind.

Something on my heart and something to think about.
Love you all!!


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