My Hero

I had the most amazing dream last night. I had a dream that I was in an abandoned house or store. It had an eerie feeling to it. It was quiet. No one was around. There were flickering fluorescent lights which added to the creepiness. It seemed like I was hiding from someone. Whatever was outside of that house or store had scared me to the point where I would call this place my home and shelter. Anyways, not long after I had been there, an Asian man walked in. I hid behind the counters, unsure of what kind of character had walked in. I did not trust anyone at this point and I was afraid. This man talked to me and I never looked at him directly in the eye. But he stayed. He tried to make me feel at peace, but I just wasn’t feeling it. 

There was a lower level to this place. A basement type of thing. We both found there was some type of gateway. It was sort of like a vault, but it wasn’t. The only entry to opening this was someone’s thumbprint. I tried mine, and it didn’t work. He tried his. It was the only one that worked. We heard commotion upstairs. These human, zombie like creatures were entering our shelter. They were upstairs. They came down, trying to figure out the entry to this gateway. They couldn’t open it of course. These creatures started turning into animals. Similar to Gollum. But even more odd looking if you can believe that. I was fearful and I was afraid for my life. This man started raising his hands and screaming, trying to wipe out these demon like creatures with just his hands. He extracted quite a lot of power to rid my shelter of these creatures. But it wasn’t enough. They multiplied. Starting crashing through the windows and wanted to reign with terror. I was screaming. He raised his hands again, screaming Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!! And then I saw nails being hammered into the very hands he was raising. His body levitated and then turned around. And he lifted to a cross. It was no longer the Asian man with a face. It was Jesus. I couldn’t remember what he looked like. But the demons were gone. I was safe again in my shelter. He used all of his power to keep me from being destroyed or eaten alive. 

I woke up, in a state of shock. Like…did I just dream this? Is this my imagination spinning around? No. God wanted to show me that Jesus is fighting to protect me. Even in my sleep. Even when I’m awake. He is fighting with his hands. He won’t let me be devoured by anything or anyone. This doesn’t just mean physically. This means mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially, etc. Lately, there has been such an attack on my mind. An attack that has been eating my mind. Eating at my love for God. Eating at the idea that He will always love me. He will never leave me of forsake me. But…while things were eating at me, Jesus was praying for me. He has been trying to hold me and wipe my tears. And fight my fear. 

Take me on adventures, Jesus! If I feel faint, I know you will carry me. I want you to help me climb mountains. If I fall, you will catch me. You are my hero. I want to fly and soar with you. Give me strength to fly.

Are you letting something eat at you? Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s regret. Maybe it’s physical illness. Maybe it’s loneliness. Maybe it’s doubt you believe that God will not do what He has said. If that’s the case, you are like me. Hiding in your own shelter. Waiting to be rescued. That rescue can come in the form of an Asian man(lol) or in any form. Either way, once you dedicate your life solely to Him, you have someone to fight the demons that try to devour and destroy you. Demons and the devil are powerless against you, unless you give them power. You give them power by trying to do it all on your own. You give them power by doubting God is who He says He is and does what He says. Once you stop doing that and admitting you cannot do it on your own, you are giving Jesus full power and control. In his hands, holds the power. In his hands holds the nails of your salvation and redemption. Don’t lie down and just take it. Call on the name of Jesus, which is the most powerful name in the whole planet. It is the only name who saves. He can be your hero and He can help you soar.

Take care and keep fighting!!

<————+ Mare


Weddings? Weird.

Don’t judge what this is by the title. I just think it’s weird that I, a single woman, have been thinking about weddings, marriage, and babies more than I ever have been. Not that I’m caught up in fantasy world (ok maybe I am a little 😉 Today, I went to Hobby Lobby and went down the “wedding aisle”. It just gave me hope. It made me smile. Because I know that will be my someday. God would not give this dream to me only to crush it. 

Right now, I’m in the wedding phase. Where I think about it, think of ideas for it. I’m not thinking about marriage as far as right now. I don’t have someone to think about that with. Which is fine. It is all in God’s timing. He will know when both of us are ready to meet. So, I’m in the wedding aisle, and I start smiling. And I start thinking about it. And I start thinking about kids. And it is a nice feeling. I was never the girl to plan my wedding when I was 7 years old. I was actually thinking about my career when I was 7, believe it or not! Singer/actress. Haha how our dreams change when we get older! I think deep down I still want those dreams. 

Anyways, I’m on Pinterest now and I’m actually looking at ideas for all sorts of things. Not just weddings. But it is just fun to daydream. Being a girl, that happens more often than we admit. I have friends who are getting married. And…I am happy for them. And I am happy for me. I said, that will be my someday. So I guess I better get prepared. 😉 I’m getting ready for you, future husband!