Weddings? Weird.

Don’t judge what this is by the title. I just think it’s weird that I, a single woman, have been thinking about weddings, marriage, and babies more than I ever have been. Not that I’m caught up in fantasy world (ok maybe I am a little 😉 Today, I went to Hobby Lobby and went down the “wedding aisle”. It just gave me hope. It made me smile. Because I know that will be my someday. God would not give this dream to me only to crush it. 

Right now, I’m in the wedding phase. Where I think about it, think of ideas for it. I’m not thinking about marriage as far as right now. I don’t have someone to think about that with. Which is fine. It is all in God’s timing. He will know when both of us are ready to meet. So, I’m in the wedding aisle, and I start smiling. And I start thinking about it. And I start thinking about kids. And it is a nice feeling. I was never the girl to plan my wedding when I was 7 years old. I was actually thinking about my career when I was 7, believe it or not! Singer/actress. Haha how our dreams change when we get older! I think deep down I still want those dreams. 

Anyways, I’m on Pinterest now and I’m actually looking at ideas for all sorts of things. Not just weddings. But it is just fun to daydream. Being a girl, that happens more often than we admit. I have friends who are getting married. And…I am happy for them. And I am happy for me. I said, that will be my someday. So I guess I better get prepared. 😉 I’m getting ready for you, future husband!


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