Note To Self: A Year From Now

Since I am thinking about this at the moment, I might as well write it down. I have a vision for this year. I want to go after my dreams. Instead of watching them wilter year after year. God gave me these dreams to use. So I think I will write a letter to myself. I’ll call it a year from now.

Dear Self, 

A year from now I want you to wake up in the morning and have that grateful heart that you are thankful to be alive. I hope you wake up with your hands raised to God. I hope you wake up smiling. I hope you wake up to a loving sound. The sound of freedom and peace. I hope you look in the mirror and realize the beautiful woman God made you into. I hope you don’t look at the way your body looks. I hope you focus on what is important. On the inside. I hope you stop tearing yourself apart, the way you do now. I hope you move past your fears. I hope you let courage take a hold of you. I want you to look in the mirror and look at your strengths, not your flaws. Take care of your temple, your body always. For it is a gift to God and a testament of what He has done for you. You are eating healthier now. You will be in the best shape of your life a year from now. You will not let laziness or discouragement stop you. You will not let the devil beat you down like he always does. You have made it t his far, and you will continue to fight the good fight. You have had dreams for a long time. Dreams you thought would never happen. Until you became one on God’s team and pursued it. I hope you will be on that stage for as long as God allows you to. I hope you allow love to come into your life. And not chase it away because you don’t think you deserve it. I hope you see yourself the way I see you. And I hope you find a guy that looks at you the way your heavenly Father looks at you. And I hope that you find happiness, no matter what you do. Right now, things are tough. But one year from now, you will look back on this day and laugh. Because you will remember how you felt at this very moment. Unsure, uncertain of yourself and your future. God has great plans in store for you. God has children in store for you. God has marriage in store for you. You just have to get past yourself and your fears. Your regrets. Your mistakes. It will all pass away in the end anyway. I want you to learn how to love yourself as you love God. The tears will not last all night. Joy will be restored. You will find your happy. Maybe sooner than one year from now. Until then…PURSUE YOUR PASSION. PURSUE GOD AS YOU PURSUE THIS PASSION. HE IS THE ROOT OF ALL PASSION. Do not stop writing. Do not stop believing that God is who He says he is. 


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