I have recently decided to delete my Facebook account. Mostly people question. “But why?” Or the other response. “I wish I could.” My answer to them is…why can’t you? What has weaved it’s web into your life that you can’t cut yourself out of it? I mainly stayed on it for the sake of sparing friendships. But what friendships I felt should be spared shouldn’t. And whom I considered friends I shouldn’t have. So what am I in it for now? Nothing. 

I don’t want to have time to log in, see a bazillion pictures of people’s lives and then sadly, compare theirs to mine. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” So true. To compare is to criticize. I shouldn’t measure my life story with someone else’s. It gets to the point of annoyance. It’s not that I’m not happy for these individuals when something great happens to them. It is the fact that my happiness compared to theirs is by far dim sum. I was talking with a friend about this. Facebook is like having a high school reunion in your living room, your bedroom, your cell phone 24 hours a day. Sure, it started off as a great thing. But over time, like high school, it reeks of boredom. Pretty soon the only enjoyment you get is playing the games. Which are an even bigger web to rip out of.(Lol. I need a therapy group for that.)

The point is…social media makes us reflect on things. Like..what kind of life would/could I be living if I stayed offline. If I stayed away from all of it?? I might actually have one. I might actually accomplish more in a few months than I could in a few days. Confession: Sometimes, like bugs who fly into the light and get zapped, that is why my eyeballs feel like. Like they have been zapped of all energy. 

A woman who I call my friend is a famous blogger. She said on a radio show interview that social media is responsible for the increase of our dating and the need to feel pretty and important. And the need to marry. And the need to become something other than ourselves. And from it, stems pressure. 

The pressures of society will never end. Here are most of them. 

-You must be married by this age or you never will

-Dating is like test driving a car. You have to see which one works for you

-If you’re not thin, you won’t be famous. And if you’re not popular, you will be worthless.

Who needs that crap? I hardly read magazines anymore. Because they usually tell me what I am and what I should be. “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.” Guess what, society? I will be who I choose to be and dictate the way I live. Not by your standards. But by my own. By God’s word. 

I choose to delete my way of thinking. I choose to delete comparison. And if that begins by deleting social media, then so be it. 



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