It pays to obey…

Recently, I have been experiencing new changes. Not only in my perspective. But with no one else in my life, I have felt cleansed from the opinions of others. Which leaves me to only focus on God’s opinions. Since March of this year, I decided to read the Old Testament in my Bible. I was prompted to and I didn’t really know why. I confess I have not read the whole Bible. Ever. I usually read the New Testament because it was the stories of the disciples and Jesus. I never considered the Old Testament to be important. Gasp! Did I, a Christian just say that? Yes. I thought it was ancient law. So it didn’t apply to my life or the times I am living in. The more I read it, the more I find this muddled thinking is wrong.

The Old Testament is just as important for the times today as it was then. The importance of God’s first covenant with humankind. Yes, it is the law. And because of Jesus forming as a human sacrifice, we do not live or die by the law. But we are saved through God’s grace. does not mean the law is irrelevant. When God used Moses to set a standard of rules back before Christ…it was the way He intended for us to abide and live by. Some rules were kept in tradition and some rules have been thrown away by modern Christians. And some rules are just plain ignored. But this was the manual. This is how the law, currently known as our government was formed. There were judges, high priests. People who determined who was right and who was wrong. What the punishment was.. I’m saying all this to bring up the lesson God was showing me today.

I was reading Deuteronomy. I notice that the words “If you obey my commandments and statutes”..several times. God blessed the Israelites on Mount Horeb. On one condition. That they love, honor, and obey him. Sounds like a marriage vow, doesn’t it? That is because it is. Obedience. On the other side of it, curse came with disobedience. And it wasn’t just a little lady in Italian muttering an Italian curse under her tongue. This was like a you will die or your enemies will smite you kind of curse. But if you obey, the blessing will come around. If you obey his commandments…there is reward. Not only will God honor you. But he will bless you. This doesn’t always mean financial blessings. The prosperity message is very cliche and frankly, I am a little tired of hearing it. There are blessings that don’t involve money. It could be a blessing of peace. It could be a blessing of receiving joy you have never had. It could be a blessing of a loved one coming to Christ. Or in the last scenario, having your needs met financially.

As I have previously blogged, I have not worked in months. More than a few. A few and some. But, even in my financial woe, I am complete. He has provided for me. I am not homeless. I am not in major debt. By his grace, I have paid my bills. I have still managed to tithe or give offerings. But I still worry at times. I still worry about finding a job. I still worry how I will pay my upcoming bills. And he showed me clarity as I read the chapters in Deuteronomy. “If you obey and keep my commandments”. So far, I have done that. I have rid myself of things that would keep me from him. I try my best every day to be humble, obedient. So, if I am doing mostly everything right, why do I still worry? He said to me “If you are obeying, what are you worrying about?” I was like..”I don’t know, God.” When you do the right thing, subsconsciously or consciously, you wonder what will happen anyway. I have to stop worrying and just obey.

He knows my fears. He knows my cares. And He talks to me about them. He said to me one morning “It doesn’t take faith to walk through a door. It takes faith to keep walking even when you don’t see a door.” So true. You don’t need faith to see it. You need faith when you don’t.

So, the moral lesson in this is: If you obey, you should not worry if your needs will be met. Our God is a great God and He provides and takes care of those who love Him. Those who do not know or love Him carry the burden of trying to meet their own needs. And that can be exhausting. If you don’t know Jesus, you will never experience peace or joy of not knowing when things will happen. I am discovering and finding my happy and my peace.


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