50 Shades of??

So, I heard years ago, there was this bestselling book that was trending the world. First, the annoyance of die hard Twilight fans. Now the 50 Shades fans. I had never heard of it. I just saw the picture of the book with the fancy tie on it. It is times like this where I am glad that I am not a bookworm. I’ve heard mixed reviews from people because I never intended on reading the book. The trailer has just went viral. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see what the fuss was about. The trailer should not even be shown on national TV. It’s as graphic as they can show in 30 seconds.

I read the Wikipedia synyposis of what the book is actually about. I was thoroughly disgusted. Girls are reading this. Grown women are reading this. What is this teaching our women? That it is ok for a man to literally punish you? Oh, only as long as he gives me gifts to make up for it. Pretty soon, our daughters won’t even be able to tell the difference between rape and love. In the book, the girl signs a contract that allows a man to discipline and punish her. And in return gets gifts and job offers. This isn’t that much more different than prostitution. Only she does consent. What the heck?? This is the man we should be saving our virtue for? A guy in a suit that uses us like a toy, on his own terms and then expects us to be ok with it?

What kind of message is this preaching? It disturbs me. This is stirring up the hearts of our women. You think men are the only ones with a problem of pornography? Wrong. Women also engage in it too. And it may not be in the form of a movie. But a book. This is dangerous.

What you read will either feed you or eat you. Sometimes you think you are being fed. But your mind, thoughts and emotions are being eaten alive. -M

The woman in this book is a naive virgin. She finds the man intimidating. But she succumbs to her attraction to him. And she lets him take ownership of her. She allows herself to be degraded, used, abused, and beaten with a belt. That is what happens when you are not in a life of Christ. You will accept anything given to you, whether it feels good or doesn’t.

Abuse is not a turn on. It leaves scars that you may never recover from. And to glamorize that is a sickness. I don’t care how good looking a guy is. He should respect me and treat me with kindness. If he doesn’t, he will not be in my company.

These books go against everything I believe in: purity, respect, and freedom. I will not waste my money to see this film. And if you are, shame on you. What are you feeding on?


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