He could have said No..

As I was driving this morning in my car to work, I was praying. I was singing worship songs as loud as I could. And then I felt prompted to pray. What led me to pray was this thought. He could have said no. Jesus. When he was arrested and forced to carry a cross, He could have said no. He could have no to the world. He was subjected to scorn, mock, and humiliation. He was publicly flogged and beaten until his skin was torn and flesh was hanging off of his bones. But he didn’t say No.

He said this.

Luke 23:46- Jesus called out with a loud voice, “Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.” 


He didn’t hesitate. He didn’t say No to His Father. He didn’t say No to us. He said, Father, do what you will. If it was up to me, I would have said no. I would say something like…”God, this world will keep breaking your heart. They still will refuse to give themselves to you. They will still hurt you. This really won’t make a difference. Why are you punishing me and having me stand in the gap for them? They who mock and scorn. They who spit on me. This won’t stop them from sinning.”

But I am not Jesus. He said Yes. One of the few times you hear him question God is when He said “God, my God. Why have you forsaken me?”

God didn’t forsake him to punish him. But to free us. Ever drop of blood, every bit of flesh that was whipped, every crown upon His head was to free us. Can you imagine how hard it would be to sacrifice your own son so that millions could live?

Whom else, but the greatest Father, would do that just so that we would have a relationship with Him some day? I can’t even fathom it.

Just as His flesh was torn, the veil was torn. The veil that covered the wall between sin and our relationship with God.

I could not go through the unbearable pain and suffering that He did. But He did it. For you and I. So next time you think you are living an uneasy life as a Christian, or even as an unbeliever, remember this.

He could have said No.

Jesus came to Earth. Not to live as the King he is. But the servant of our hearts. And he did not wear the finest clothes or travel by jet. He didn’t wear designer clothes. He didn’t wear an Armani suit. And I’m not saying that is wrong. But too much excess does not equal success. If you live your life for yourself and not for God, you will have a shallow and empty way of living. Live the life of a servant. Learn what it is like to serve others. 

With my new job, I am learning this. To be a servant. I serve people. I serve food. Am I saving the world? No. I am just making a means to pay my bills. But, I am grasping what it means to have the heart of a servant. I am not only serving food. I am serving joy to others while I serve. I am serving hope when they need it. I am serving a smile to them in their dark days. Do they always receive or reciprocate? No. But if I can make a difference by doing just that, then God is working in me.

Maybe you are at a place where you hate your life. You hate your job. You think it will not get better. You just count down the hours until you can go home because you are in physical pain. But ponder this for a minute. If it was your last day on Earth, would you just want to do your job and go home. Or would you want to help save someone’s soul? Would you want to leave God’s mark on their hearts? Because, in the end, your life is not measured by financial success. It is measured by your character. It is measured by the little acts of grace that people might need. And maybe you will be someone’s catalyst to salvation.

Share Jesus through your words and most importantly your actions. People listen and observe you more than you think. I find that I am already being tested in my character at my job. But if I invite God into my day, I can face it. And you can too. You can face those lions with courage. Because you have God by your side. “If God is for you, who can be against you?” With God, you are a majority. By yourself, a minority. Make a difference.

Instead of saying no to helping people around you, say yes like Jesus did.

And I just want to say to those who might read this, thinking “What is all this God and Jesus stuff? Is he even real? I don’t know if I believe all of that.” To those who read this, rolling their eyes or laughing…I say this to you. You can’t deny what is real. Jesus is real, God is real and He does love you. And he did die for you. Whether or not you deliberate that is your own choice. But He is the way to new life. He is the ticket to your freedom. There is no one that could love you more. And don’t question your worth when it comes to Him. Because you are worth dying for. He proved it a long time ago. But it’s up to you to except this great love. Even if you argue on whether or not it is true…you can’t question something that doesn’t exist. There is no submission fee to becoming a child of God and a Christian. You just say…Jesus, I believe. And I want you to prove yourself to me. Come into my heart. Change me inside and out. And help me understand who you are. I want to know you are real and I want you to prove yourself to me. And he will.

Love all of you who read this,



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