Skype-ing God

Just a random thought occurred to me. With all of our technology advances, it’s too bad we can’t just sign on Skype and talk to God. Wait. We can. It’s called praying. Think about it like this. There is someone who loves you who cannot wait another minute to talk to you. You can reach Him anytime. He wants to talk to you for hours. He wants to hear your hopes and dreams. He wants to hear you cry when the world lets you down. He wants to be a part of your everyday. Why don’t you talk to Him? 

I admit, with the busyness of my day…it’s hard for me to find time. But…driving on the way to work is where I get at least a good half hour with Him. I can’t Skype Him. But he is a click away from my heart. I can dial to wherever He is. I can’t see HIS face on the screen. But I can feel his heart. I know that He loves me.

The same goes for you. That relationship you’ve been longing for?? It’s already there for you. It is the best relationship you will ever invest your heart into. Because He is like no one else. He will not break your heart. He will not hurt you. He starts a change in you. He sees you the minute you wake up to the moment you go to sleep. He gives you dreams. He gives you vision. So many times, I see relationships with other people develop and increase because of technology. Skype, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If only we could reach God that fast. But wait. We can.

He can be there in the blink of an eye. He will always be there, waiting for your call. He will always be there to talk to you. Don’t ignore that. You never know what is waiting for you on the other end.

I was singing in my car this morning….”Take me back to the place where I was found. Take me back to the heart that won your crown. Take me back to the place where I belong. In your arms.”

It wasn’t posted on a pic or video for everyone to see. But that’s how private it can be. No one else around. Just me, sitting in my car….for a moment of grace. For a moment of peace. If we could connect to God faster than technology, imagine how the world would be and become. Oh wait. We can.

Think of praying as if you are talking to your best friend. It doesn’t have to be creative. It doesn’t have to be spiritual. It just has to be genuine. When I had friends…I wouldn’t even feel the need to edit what I said. I didn’t feel the need to sound intellectual. That is how praying can be. Just being real. Open and honest. God doesn’t expect perfection in everything we say and do for Him. He just expects us to strive to be half the version that Jesus was. We will never achieve perfection. But we can achieve character. 

Here is my prayer for you:

“Father, give us grace. Give us a new way of communicating to you. And instead of asking what you can give, we ask what we can give to you. Help us to see you in a new way, more clearly. Help us to see you as our best friend. Help us to grow and gain more knowledge of who you are. “

And if you are not even a believer of God and are curious to know about this whole “Christian” thing….Let me sum it up for you what I believe to be true in my heart.

You are on this planet for a reason. You were created out of love from a Father. A Father who sent his son, Jesus Christ, as a catalyst to save you from eternal death. You are not too broken to be used. You are not too perfect to be unused. You are loved and you are chosen. You can be forgiven, no matter how much wrong you may/may have not done. There is hope. There is peace for you.

Just say this prayer.

“Jesus, thank you for dying for me. I don’t understand why you did. But thank you. Come into my life and my heart. Show me how to live in the fullness of you. Make me new and whole again.”

That’s all. It doesn’t matter where you are. Whether you are living in a mansion or a flea bag motel. Whether you are living in the projects or the suburbs. None of that matters. What matters is that you are here for a special time on Earth. Don’t squander that. Those dreams you dream? They are from Him. Read the Bible. It might not be easy to understand at first. But…it’s there for you.

I love you all with my whole heart,



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