Real Men Don’t Go to “Gentlemen’s” Clubs.

I was just thinking about this today. While driving mid town, I saw all of these signs for “gentlemen’s” clubs. I’m sorry, but to me that is a total contradiction. Real men don’t go to gentlemen’s clubs. Real gentlemen don’t go to clubs where watching women degrade themselves is a form of entertainment. Now, mind you, these women are doing it willingly. And sometimes unwillingly. They are blinded by money. They are just sad. Most of them are abused and desensitized. But the men who willingly give their money and cheat on their wives are worse. They contribute to the degradation of our society. Perversion is a form of injustice.

It is an injustice to us women. It degrades the whole idea of a woman’s body, as well as a man’s. It is a disgusting practice to strip. First off, here is what stripping really is.

It is stripping away of more than clothes. It is stripping them of their beauty. It is stripping of their character. It is stripping away their dignity. It is stripping away the purpose of a woman/man. It is stripping them of the very core of their soul.

That is what stripping really is, guys and girls. Our bodies were not meant to be on display. That’s why department stores have mannequins. We were not meant to be in a position where someone puts a price tag on our bodies.

Back to stripping and adult entertainment. I disagree with it completely. I will admit I do admire the male physique. But I do not agree with gyrating or desecrating my single dollar bills for it. It does not turn me on. This goes the same for men.

Men that strip are also being objectified as a piece of meat. Not a person. Nowadays, a six or thirteen pack are more important than the guy’s integrity. A busty balcony on a woman is more important than the level of her character. And I’m sad to be living in a world like that. This just feeds the fantasy. This feeds someone’s sex addiction. This feeds the spirit of adultery. This increases the wealth of the pornography industry.

Bit by bit, sex trafficking is becoming more accepted. And this is how it starts. “Gentlemen’s clubs”. A guy can say that he hates sex trafficking, but goes to a strip club. Real gentlemen open doors. Real gentlemen buy flowers for the girl they love. They don’t watch them lower themselves into a pile of dirt. They don’t commit adultery in their hearts and even physically. 

Same goes for women. Real women don’t become infatuated with the perfect male form. Real women don’t look for a guy with a big wallet. They look for a guy with a big heart. 

What you see is what you get. If you look at someone like a piece of meat, then that will be all you get. Meat that isn’t fully cooked. All looks, little brains. Or a cute guy or girl who will cheat on you for someone prettier or younger. When you look for a women solely on the shape of her body, that’s all you get. The superficial attract the superficial. And that never lasts long. What you put out there…what you project, ladies and gentlemen, is what you will attract. Real love develops after infatuation subsides.

So next time, you think about how disgusting the world is becoming, think about what you may be contributing to it. You could have a hand in stopping it. You could have a hand in stopping injustice. There is nothing glamorous about a woman on a pole. There is nothing glamorous about the women being abused, threatened and violated before they have to be on that pole. There is nothing glamorous about a man who rips off his pants and is left in nothing but a speedo. The more you strip away, the more you have a hard time finding your real self. I feel sympathy for the people who do this. They are lost. They are settling for less than what they really are. They are objectified and not really happy in what they do. I’m sure they feel shame. I’m sure they feel degraded. Pray for them. That is not the life God intends for them.

Be real ladies. Be real gentlemen. Your boyfriends/girlfriends and future wives/husbands will thank you for it.

(This post was a bit emotional. It’s only because I get really passionate about things that bother me. This is one of those topics.)

Stay strong and I love you all!,



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