Jumping Hurdles…

I have nothing “spiritually wise” to say right now. Lol.

So, my first week at my new job was rough. There were a lot of challenges. Alot to remember and do. Always having to think. Always having to remember things. Which is not bad. It is good to keep your brain active. This is major multi tasking. But..I am starting to get the hang of it.

And yes…some people can be headaches. Especially me I’m sure. But it is worth it. I am finding contentment in my job as hard as it feels. I feel like God is showing me how capable I really am of whatever I put my mind to. Once I got past my breakdown.

After the breaking comes the beauty.

I am trying to be a light. Trying to be Jesus. It isn’t easy. Because the old me wants to revert back to being completely accepted by the world. However..popularity is not worth more than salvation. So..who cares??? I will not conform. I will just be myself. I will be God’s queen. He will do the ruling and the reigning. As long as I let him be the one with the “reins” and not myself.


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