The god of approval

I know I’ve been slacking as far as blogging goes. My computer crashed. I had to get a tablet. I’ve been trying to keep up with my job. I was driving to work and praying. I was just opening my heart to God. My first thought was….”If only they could see and know you like I do. If people knew the depth of your love. If only every one thought of everything that has happened in their lives. And thought about the driving force behind it all.”

People have bouts of illness. Some people survive it. People have car accidents. People give birth. Who do you think is the miracle worker in all of that? I know the human body is capable of a lot. And the science proves it. But….who created the human body? Who helped you survive that accident. Doctors, while they are the hands that heal..are not God. They are used by God. God performs his miracles through them, as well as through us. He is the surgeon and they are the instruments.

Too often we give man credit for what God does. We think we can do it on our own. But…if we are truly honest we would realize we can’t.

I know this because I used to believe in the mentality that I can do it all on my own. However, the older I get, the more my dependence for Him grows.

The Holy Spirit posed this question to me and I will ask you the same thing.

Are you living for the god of approval or..are you living for the approval of God?

Sometimes we can get caught up in ourselves. Sometimes our insecurity can get the best of us. I catch myself liking the attention I get when people like me. I can’t help it. But..I dont live for it. It used to give me a false sense of definition. I sought for the approval from guys. From girls. And it is a shallow way of living.

To live is Christ to die is to gain”

It means that you die to the approval of others and you live as he did. Jesus did not once seek popularity or fame. He ruffled the feathers of those dabbling in superficiality and religiosity. Do not conform to what the world says you should be. Do not change yourself for someone. Unless its for God. No one else’s opinion matters but His.

If you always live to please others, you will fail to please Him. And in return feel emptiness. You don’t have to earn God’s love. And you shouldn’t have to earn someone else’s. If you are feeling that way, then that is not true love. True love is unconditional. And grace allows that freedom. Get it in your head now that you will not make everyone like you or love you. Its not worth it. It is tiring and painful. Live to please Jesus and that will be pleasing to your soul.

He paid the price and you are priceless!! That is worth living for. Nothing else.


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