His Voice Should Be Loudest

I’ve been feeling for awhile that social media has been my form of religion. Not that it’s a bad thing to be social and keep in touch with people. BUT…when it becomes louder than the voice of God, when it becomes a thing that I cling to every morning and day instead of Him, that can become an idol.

It sounds silly but it’s true. I pay attention to my habits that keep forming and one thing is this. Instead of spending time with God to start my day, the first thing I do is check my phone. Check my Facebook. Check my email. When I need to check my spirit. Need to check what’s happening inside. I pray on the way to work. But…I want to get to the point where He is the first thing I think of. That I can’t live without His word. That I can gaze at His creation and see His glory.

So I decided to try to eliminate this dependency on the comments, likes and statuses of others. It doesn’t measure who I am. It doesn’t give me esteem. Well..if it does, it doesn’t last long until I get that next one. I need to get back to Jesus, pure and simple. Where praise worship becomes part of my day instead of whatever I have shuffled on my playlist. Where His voice is loudest. Drowning out the opinions of myself and others. Where I cling to Him like a clinging vine. Where His voice gives me life.

At times I feel like I get and give Him very little and expect much. In every relationship, it takes work. It takes work to get to the place of intimacy. I want to be closer to my Heavenly Father. It says in His Word, “The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. -Psalm 25:14

I want to know His secrets. I want to know His plans for my life and His future plans to be established in this world we live in. I want to know the key to opening His heart. I have always had a special relationship with Him. But lately, it’s been sort of on/off. Especially on my end. My friend gave me encouragement in my condemnation and said..whether it’s a good relationship or bad relationship, it is still a relationship. This is true.

Sometimes I get caught up in religion mentality, very performance based. And then I condemn myself for not measuring up to the religiousness. God doesn’t condemn me. He loves me. Take it from me. Religion can mess up your relationship with God. I don’t need to be be condemned. But to be aware. To make Him the first part of my day should come naturally to me. But it doesn’t. Too many distractions. Too much tv. Too much Pinterest(guilty). Too much Instagram. Way too much Facebook. Anything in excess is not a good thing. Whether it be tv, social media and music that doesn’t feed my spirit.

Anyways, I’m going to try to change my priorities here and there. Make some changes. Change is healthy. It is a part of growing.

If you are struggling to hear His voice because the distractions of the world drown it out, make it simple. Get back to Jesus. Don’t make technology your idol. Make Jesus your God.


There Is No Grey Area


I’m sure women are being bombarded by this book and by the people who condemn this book. But here is my opinion on the whole thing. There is no grey area. There is either right or wrong. There is no in between. There is no…well I know it’s wrong, but…it’s right this time. No. Stop trying to justify wrong and cover it up as a right.

There is either lust or love. There is either love or hate. Our culture has tried to redefine the line between right and wrong for a long time. About abortion. About marriage. About sexual orientation. About religion. I believe it is either right or wrong in your eyes.

This is a story written by an oversexed bored housewife who had a dream to write. She corrupted that dream by writing quasi-porn for desperate housewives. Instead of tearing apart the book and what is stands for, I say pray for this woman. That her eyes will one day be opened to what she has opened the door for. That she will feel conviction in her heart and her mind. That God will free her from her addiction. What you write stems from inside you. If this is her fantasy, I would say she has experienced some form of abuse. Either in her childhood or adult life. And she is conditioned to believing that this is sexy. She has redefined to our culture what her sick, twisted version of love is.

When a guy beats you, that is not love. That is a form of hate.

When a guy verbally abuses you, that is not love. That is abuse.

When a guy possesses you and controls you, that is not love. That is possession.

When a guy has sex with you outside the doors of marriage, that is not love. That is lust.

Every woman that has been beaten, raped, manipulated is being slapped in the face all over again by this book and phenomena. If you go and watch this movie, you are saying not only to yourself, but to your boyfriend, to your husband…that it is condoned. That this behavior is accepted. And you are falling into the trap, despite all the warnings. You think it’s wrong to hit a woman, but you will still see this movie? And granted, there are tons of movies that are violent towards women.

But when they take this trash and wrap it up as a love story and that sells for millions of dollars, that tells me something about our country. How lost we are without Jesus. I see preview of movies and things get more and more accepted. Movies where younger men, fresh out high school are with older women. And vice versa. Back then, we would say that’s weird. It isn’t right. It wasn’t accepted. Now..people are redefining that. I find myself sickened by these “grey” areas. And these pedophilia like stories that are accepted.

This is why horrible things like sex trafficking is happening. Domestic abuse, murder. If we don’t stand up for what’s right, our country will sink into the fires of hell.

I am trying to be careful in what I read, watch, and see. Because my eyes were made to see the things of God, not the world. What you see can either feed you or eat you. Sometimes you think you being fed. But your mind and emotions are being eaten alive. That is what will happen to you when you color it “grey”.

Here is what real love is.

A Father that would love his daughters and sons so much, that He would risk his son to save them from death.

A man that rather be beaten and tortured for the sake of all men and women.

Who is this, you ask? God. And Jesus. That is the man we should all strive to be and strive to find.

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only son. That who believes in Him should not perish. But have an everlasting life. John 3:16

I know one thing. I am not willing to sell my soul, self esteem, dignity and virtue for a price. I don’t care if the guy is rich or gorgeous. If he is controlling and dominating, it is NOT worth it.

Stop Coloring It Grey.