The Gospell

I have been to many churches. Sometimes too many. I have lived a lot of places and have experienced the good, bad, and ugly, in churches. I noticed one thing that is starting to take trend more and more. Churches are becoming more like the world. The Word of God is being twisted for another agenda and I call this the “Gospell”. The real followers of Jesus follow the Bible as a manual for life. However, there are people that do not agree with what they are reading, they twist it and take it out of context to the point where it loses it’s purpose.

Churches are doing this more and more and calling it “The Word.” Congregations are being blinded by this so called heretic form of preaching. If you remove or add something to the Bible, it is considered heresy. It is considered blasphemy.

I’ve seen and heard preachers use the Scriptures for profitable gain. For financial gain. To “sell” something other than Christ. To put bodies in seats and more money into “offerings.” There is a difference between giving out of your heart and giving because the pastor tells you to. Some people preach the gospel but don’t believe in it. They just glance over the parts that they might find a problem with. Sin, hell, and the devil are all becoming taboo words in the church. They are hardly acknowledge anymore. We used to preach about sin. Now it’s called “not living right.” We used to say the word hell. Now we don’t even mention it. And the devil is hardly mentioned anymore. As if we are fighting an invisible enemy.

Whether you believe in hell, sin, or the devil doesn’t keep them from being real. Just because you don’t acknowledge these things does not keep them from happening.

The truth of the matter is this. You either believe the whole Bible or none of it. You can choose to believe there is a devil and there is a hell or there isn’t. I hate flowery messages that just tell me what I want to hear. I want to hear the whole truth, not just parts of it. I want to hear more about the cross and repentance. These are the things that will change the world. I’m sorry to see what most of the churches are becoming. A watered down version of salvation.

If the church is dead and refuses to follow and pick up their cross, we are sending a bad message to unbelievers. Why would they want to experience a new life if we can’t even show them a good example of what that is.

I’ve also noticed when the church becomes a family, it is on the verge of turning into a cult. What is the difference between a cult and a church? Cults worship their leader. Churches worship God as their leader. I have a problem with this. When people do not get into the Word themselves and measure it up to what their pastor is saying. You can be led by a blind man/woman if you don’t watch it. There needs to be more discernment and study of the Bible. I get a check in my spirit if the “preacher” questions or ignores the word of God. I’m not saying when they have questions. It’s when they question the validity of the Scriptures.

You cannot say that you agree with one part of the Word and not another. It is all truth. From chapter to chapter. It may be confusing at times. But that is what the Holy Spirit can be used for. To show you and give you understanding. Pray before you read.

Don’t be a person that follows the “prophet” instead of Jesus. That follows a watered down version of the message. Be a person who knows the Word and is able to measure it to someone else’s words. If it doesn’t match up to the Word of God, it is false teaching.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.-Matthew 7:15

Do not fall for the “Gospell”. Fall for the message of the Gospel.