Burned Bridges


Burned bridges. We have all done it. We have mishandled things between friends, family, coworkers, etc. We have said the wrong things to someone, thinking we will never see them again. I know I have done this. I have burned my bridges.

What are bridges for anyway? They are for filling the gap between emptiness and create a path for one side to reach the other. When we burn the bridge and path to keep the relationship together….we are severing any chance of that person reaching to our side. It no longer puts us in a neighboring state. It creates more distance between each heart.

There are things I have done that I am not proud of. There is shame in how I mishandled situations. My actions were cowardly and immature. I am willing to admit that.

The Holy Spirit showed me this a few days ago. We, as sinners, burnt our bridge with God the Father. When we were born in sin, it formed a gap between our hands and the Father’s. But his love reached out. He wanted to love us so desperately that he created two pieces of wood, intertwined. Stained with blood. Cut with nails. A crown of thorns on a broken body laid on top of it. The cross.

The cross created a bridge to fill the gap. The cross acted as a bridge, joining the love of an eternal Father and the love of a son/daughter to be united. Sin burned the bridge. Love built a new one. 

Maybe there is a bridge that you have burned that you wished you hadn’t. Let the love of the cross rebuild the bridge between you and Father. And let it join another bridge between a love with His people.

Now, sometimes, it will not be easy trying to rebuild that bridge between you and that person. It involves burying your pride and asking forgiveness. Asking forgiveness is the greatest act of humility. I am still dealing with this. I have also learned that no matter what the person’s reaction is to your asking forgiveness from them has nothing to do with you. But it does start the healing.

I went to church this morning and the pastor was discussing undeserving grace. If we have been given much grace from the Father, how much more should we give others? He said we tend to point the finger and think that someone else is less deserving of grace when we forget how much grace God has given us who are more undeserving. This has brought conviction to my spirit and I wish to be less judgmental as a person. I should not forget the grace that He has shown me.

Be blessed,



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