Ready For a Change…

I am ready for the world to change but if I don’t change and step outside of my comfort zone, how can I expect the world to produce change. The process is God changes us…so that we can change others through Him and His power.

Change is inevitable. We will all experience it. It is not always a fun process. But it is a part of growth. I am a writer and most writers can be introverts. I find myself clinging to the comforts of home than being outside in a social atmosphere.

God was showing me this though. What if by me taking a step of faith and moving away from comfort, someone were to be saved? Or someone would be prayed for healing? If I never dare leave this place, I am keeping salvation for myself. And that is selfish. How can people taste and see that the Lord is good if we never show them how to? Or show them how it tastes. Once they get a taste, they don’t go back to the sour and bitter taste that they are used to. They want more sweetness and more of that good taste.

I write this with conviction. I am going to have to let God change me in this area. Lord, help to embrace change so that I can change the world.

From my heart,



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