My Thoughts on “Caitlyn” Jenner

Here are my thoughts on this whole transgender thing. From a Christ-like point of view, I don’t agree with it. If God isn’t for it, why should I be? That being said, in the wide spectrum of things, this is becoming more and more common.

I am a loving person. I love all people, gay, straight, black, white, people who wear skinny jeans, hipsters, etc. And the thing is…just because I love them doesn’t mean I have to agree with everything they do. I agree everyone should be accepted and respected. However….the world does not work that way. Christians are against Christians. And non believers are against believers.

Do I love gay people? Yes. Do I bash them even though I don’t agree with them? Absolutely not! I don’t think that is the right approach. The thing the world used to do was voice their opinions and agree to disagree. But now it’s come to the point where their opinions are hateful and turn personal.

There are Christians who are bashing people. There are non believers who are bashing people. I mean…can’t we just be friends and say this is my opinion and that is your opinion and I love ya anyway? Why does it have to turn into antagonistic responses? Because someone is always coming off as a bad guy.

Here is my thought on “Caitlyn” Jenner. I think God would want “C” to be happy. Happy and free. But I don’t think changing your complete identity is going to make you free. Especially when you keep running from God, who has created you as you are. Caitlyn was born as Bruce. Looking at the pictures on Vanity Fair, I don’t see freedom in her face. I see pain. I see bondage. The truth is, Caitlyn might be more chained than Bruce was. Whatever voice that was telling Bruce “you’re worthless, you’re bound,” was not God. It was Satan. And I believe now that Bruce has succumbed to becoming Caitlyn, I fear for her life even more than I did before.

I feel a sadness for Bruce/Caitlyn. Because I still see a soul trapped in an unwanted body. I think destroying what he was born with is saying to God “What you made wasn’t good enough. I can do it better.” That pains me. She says she is now free. But I have yet to see that. Giving yourself a body makeover and makeup won’t cover the pain inside. Only Jesus can give you that kind of makeover. He starts on the inside and works His way out. I wish that people (Christians) would have reached out to Him and said…Jesus loves you and you can find your identity by becoming his son. And you won’t have to run or hide. But be and find out who you are in Christ.

You wouldn’t have to feel pressured to be perfect. You are loved. You are free. “Whom the SON sets free is FREE indeed!! “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free!!

Sometimes people can’t see freedom because they are so used to living in bondage.


The Gospell

I have been to many churches. Sometimes too many. I have lived a lot of places and have experienced the good, bad, and ugly, in churches. I noticed one thing that is starting to take trend more and more. Churches are becoming more like the world. The Word of God is being twisted for another agenda and I call this the “Gospell”. The real followers of Jesus follow the Bible as a manual for life. However, there are people that do not agree with what they are reading, they twist it and take it out of context to the point where it loses it’s purpose.

Churches are doing this more and more and calling it “The Word.” Congregations are being blinded by this so called heretic form of preaching. If you remove or add something to the Bible, it is considered heresy. It is considered blasphemy.

I’ve seen and heard preachers use the Scriptures for profitable gain. For financial gain. To “sell” something other than Christ. To put bodies in seats and more money into “offerings.” There is a difference between giving out of your heart and giving because the pastor tells you to. Some people preach the gospel but don’t believe in it. They just glance over the parts that they might find a problem with. Sin, hell, and the devil are all becoming taboo words in the church. They are hardly acknowledge anymore. We used to preach about sin. Now it’s called “not living right.” We used to say the word hell. Now we don’t even mention it. And the devil is hardly mentioned anymore. As if we are fighting an invisible enemy.

Whether you believe in hell, sin, or the devil doesn’t keep them from being real. Just because you don’t acknowledge these things does not keep them from happening.

The truth of the matter is this. You either believe the whole Bible or none of it. You can choose to believe there is a devil and there is a hell or there isn’t. I hate flowery messages that just tell me what I want to hear. I want to hear the whole truth, not just parts of it. I want to hear more about the cross and repentance. These are the things that will change the world. I’m sorry to see what most of the churches are becoming. A watered down version of salvation.

If the church is dead and refuses to follow and pick up their cross, we are sending a bad message to unbelievers. Why would they want to experience a new life if we can’t even show them a good example of what that is.

I’ve also noticed when the church becomes a family, it is on the verge of turning into a cult. What is the difference between a cult and a church? Cults worship their leader. Churches worship God as their leader. I have a problem with this. When people do not get into the Word themselves and measure it up to what their pastor is saying. You can be led by a blind man/woman if you don’t watch it. There needs to be more discernment and study of the Bible. I get a check in my spirit if the “preacher” questions or ignores the word of God. I’m not saying when they have questions. It’s when they question the validity of the Scriptures.

You cannot say that you agree with one part of the Word and not another. It is all truth. From chapter to chapter. It may be confusing at times. But that is what the Holy Spirit can be used for. To show you and give you understanding. Pray before you read.

Don’t be a person that follows the “prophet” instead of Jesus. That follows a watered down version of the message. Be a person who knows the Word and is able to measure it to someone else’s words. If it doesn’t match up to the Word of God, it is false teaching.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.-Matthew 7:15

Do not fall for the “Gospell”. Fall for the message of the Gospel.

Part Of This Journey….

Recently, I was in my Lifejournal, which is basically a women’s Bible study. I was reading the story of Joshua, where it explains the customs of the priests when they carried the Ark of the Covenant. I pictured it in my head and the Ark of the Covenant represents to me the glory of God. God told Joshua to go to the water that when the priests carry the Ark, to stand there on the river bank. Joshua told the people exactly what God told him. He said that the flow of water will be stopped and the water will pile up in a heap. And it happened just as he said.

I don’t know why, but at that time..I was picturing it. And I was picturing myself in the water. God was showing me things about my life and He said “The things that were weighing you down will be drowned in the water and it will dry up.” Things in my life. Fear. Worry. Hurt. Anger. Situations I had no control over. And the water had to be removed in order to get to the next part of the Israelites journey. So they could cross over. My friend, Brittany pointed out the process of drying. Things have to die and break off.

During this part of my life, in the last 6 years I have lived in Kentucky, I have faced trials. Tests of faith. Hard things. Why? Because God wants to keep showing me who He is to me. He wants to keep revealing Himself to me during these situations. I feel that this is why we are to endure pain. So that 1.) We can relate to His suffering and 2) So we can form a stronger connection with Him. And this is why we keep going on these journeys in life. To find more about ourselves and develop new character. Develop more endurance and strength. But not from ourselves. Strength from our heavenly Father.

Yesterday, I was drawing with my watercolors. And I took some crayons and started drawing balloons. God was asking me what my dreams and goals are. And to write them in balloons. I did. It says in Habakkuk 2:2 “Then the LORD answered me and said, “Record the vision And inscribe it on tablets, That the one who reads it may run.

My vision is clear. I truly think I know what I was called to do for Him. The obvious. Go into all the world and preach the gospel. Spread His love. But I was called to worship. And usher other people into His presence. If I can do that full time, even part time I would love my life. Worshipping and singing comes naturally.

I want to move from this chapter to the next. I feel like I’m on the verge on breaking out. Into something new. I’ve been a caterpillar most of my life. It’s time to become a butterfly. I’m tired of the ordinary. I’m tired of normal. I’m tired of boredom. But until it’s time to take the next step, I will do what I can for Him where I’m at right now in this moment.

Whomever reads this, I pray God blesses, heals you, and reveals Himself to you. Please pray for me. For direction in moving forward in His plans for me.

His Voice Should Be Loudest

I’ve been feeling for awhile that social media has been my form of religion. Not that it’s a bad thing to be social and keep in touch with people. BUT…when it becomes louder than the voice of God, when it becomes a thing that I cling to every morning and day instead of Him, that can become an idol.

It sounds silly but it’s true. I pay attention to my habits that keep forming and one thing is this. Instead of spending time with God to start my day, the first thing I do is check my phone. Check my Facebook. Check my email. When I need to check my spirit. Need to check what’s happening inside. I pray on the way to work. But…I want to get to the point where He is the first thing I think of. That I can’t live without His word. That I can gaze at His creation and see His glory.

So I decided to try to eliminate this dependency on the comments, likes and statuses of others. It doesn’t measure who I am. It doesn’t give me esteem. Well..if it does, it doesn’t last long until I get that next one. I need to get back to Jesus, pure and simple. Where praise worship becomes part of my day instead of whatever I have shuffled on my playlist. Where His voice is loudest. Drowning out the opinions of myself and others. Where I cling to Him like a clinging vine. Where His voice gives me life.

At times I feel like I get and give Him very little and expect much. In every relationship, it takes work. It takes work to get to the place of intimacy. I want to be closer to my Heavenly Father. It says in His Word, “The LORD confides in those who fear him; he makes his covenant known to them. -Psalm 25:14

I want to know His secrets. I want to know His plans for my life and His future plans to be established in this world we live in. I want to know the key to opening His heart. I have always had a special relationship with Him. But lately, it’s been sort of on/off. Especially on my end. My friend gave me encouragement in my condemnation and said..whether it’s a good relationship or bad relationship, it is still a relationship. This is true.

Sometimes I get caught up in religion mentality, very performance based. And then I condemn myself for not measuring up to the religiousness. God doesn’t condemn me. He loves me. Take it from me. Religion can mess up your relationship with God. I don’t need to be be condemned. But to be aware. To make Him the first part of my day should come naturally to me. But it doesn’t. Too many distractions. Too much tv. Too much Pinterest(guilty). Too much Instagram. Way too much Facebook. Anything in excess is not a good thing. Whether it be tv, social media and music that doesn’t feed my spirit.

Anyways, I’m going to try to change my priorities here and there. Make some changes. Change is healthy. It is a part of growing.

If you are struggling to hear His voice because the distractions of the world drown it out, make it simple. Get back to Jesus. Don’t make technology your idol. Make Jesus your God.

There Is No Grey Area


I’m sure women are being bombarded by this book and by the people who condemn this book. But here is my opinion on the whole thing. There is no grey area. There is either right or wrong. There is no in between. There is no…well I know it’s wrong, but…it’s right this time. No. Stop trying to justify wrong and cover it up as a right.

There is either lust or love. There is either love or hate. Our culture has tried to redefine the line between right and wrong for a long time. About abortion. About marriage. About sexual orientation. About religion. I believe it is either right or wrong in your eyes.

This is a story written by an oversexed bored housewife who had a dream to write. She corrupted that dream by writing quasi-porn for desperate housewives. Instead of tearing apart the book and what is stands for, I say pray for this woman. That her eyes will one day be opened to what she has opened the door for. That she will feel conviction in her heart and her mind. That God will free her from her addiction. What you write stems from inside you. If this is her fantasy, I would say she has experienced some form of abuse. Either in her childhood or adult life. And she is conditioned to believing that this is sexy. She has redefined to our culture what her sick, twisted version of love is.

When a guy beats you, that is not love. That is a form of hate.

When a guy verbally abuses you, that is not love. That is abuse.

When a guy possesses you and controls you, that is not love. That is possession.

When a guy has sex with you outside the doors of marriage, that is not love. That is lust.

Every woman that has been beaten, raped, manipulated is being slapped in the face all over again by this book and phenomena. If you go and watch this movie, you are saying not only to yourself, but to your boyfriend, to your husband…that it is condoned. That this behavior is accepted. And you are falling into the trap, despite all the warnings. You think it’s wrong to hit a woman, but you will still see this movie? And granted, there are tons of movies that are violent towards women.

But when they take this trash and wrap it up as a love story and that sells for millions of dollars, that tells me something about our country. How lost we are without Jesus. I see preview of movies and things get more and more accepted. Movies where younger men, fresh out high school are with older women. And vice versa. Back then, we would say that’s weird. It isn’t right. It wasn’t accepted. Now..people are redefining that. I find myself sickened by these “grey” areas. And these pedophilia like stories that are accepted.

This is why horrible things like sex trafficking is happening. Domestic abuse, murder. If we don’t stand up for what’s right, our country will sink into the fires of hell.

I am trying to be careful in what I read, watch, and see. Because my eyes were made to see the things of God, not the world. What you see can either feed you or eat you. Sometimes you think you being fed. But your mind and emotions are being eaten alive. That is what will happen to you when you color it “grey”.

Here is what real love is.

A Father that would love his daughters and sons so much, that He would risk his son to save them from death.

A man that rather be beaten and tortured for the sake of all men and women.

Who is this, you ask? God. And Jesus. That is the man we should all strive to be and strive to find.

For God so loved the world, that He gave his only son. That who believes in Him should not perish. But have an everlasting life. John 3:16

I know one thing. I am not willing to sell my soul, self esteem, dignity and virtue for a price. I don’t care if the guy is rich or gorgeous. If he is controlling and dominating, it is NOT worth it.

Stop Coloring It Grey.


“You Need To Fight Harder!”

I had the oddest dream last night. I had a dream that Sylvester Stallone was my father. And he wanted to train me to be a fighter. (Rocky flashback) Anyways, I had worked really hard and I started fighting. I don’t think I was fighting anyone, because the dream didn’t show a person. I think I was fighting inanimate objects. I don’t know. But I know I was fighting hard. I came home that night, bruised and bloodied. My mother, who was Italian(not in real life though :p) was cleaning me up. She was helping heal my bruises and wiping the blood off my face.

My father, Stallone, came home and saw my face. He was talking to my mother. He came up to me and said, “You didn’t fight hard enough. You need to fight harder.” I was so mad as well as my mother. She said, “Look at her! She has bruises! She could have been killed.” He said again, “You need to fight harder.” I walked away from him. He tried to put his hand on my shoulder. But I said, “Don’t touch me!” And I left. I came back a day later, and I had really been damaged. I had pieces of glass in my back. Huge shards that were wedged in. I know it was a dream, but I cringed as if I could really feel that glass. My dad felt sorry for me. He tried to help me. He took out some pliers, had me stand against the wall and said, “I have to do this and it’s going to hurt.” He was going to use the pliers and rip the glass out. I woke up before I felt anything.

This dream, as odd as it is, spoke to me. I have been fighting. Not just people. Myself. Fighting my thoughts. Fighting situations. And from that, I have been bruised and blooded. Like that dream, I just wanted my dad to feel sorry for me. I have been wanting God to feel sorry for me. To just hug me and tell me things I want to hear. But he hasn’t done that. I then, in turn, change my attitude toward him. Just like in the dream. “Don’t touch me!” You are supposed to bandage me up and tell me I’m ok and to lay low. But no. He wants to toughen me up. He wants me to keep fighting. And when I get the crap beat out of me, He will tend to my wounds.

Why am I sharing this? Because at one time or another, we have experienced the struggle to give up. We have had our hearts broken. We have had situations where we have felt we can no longer go on. We feel like just laying low after taking a beating. We also want sympathy. But sometimes instead of sympathy, we need to man up and get back in the ring. (Fighter analogy, I know).

You might be a situation where people are hurting you. Not just physically. But emotionally. Maybe your family abandoned you. Maybe your friends have left you behind. Or have been removed from your life. Maybe your bills are piling up and you are so behind you don’t think you can ever catch up. Life keeps throwing punches and you feel like giving up. Instead of giving up, get back up. Keep fighting. Do not give up. More importantly, don’t give up on God. He has been watching you from beginning of time. He has been looking out for you. Even when you weren’t. Even when no one else was. He will heal your wounds. He is a loving God. If you have pieces of glass that are stuck in your back, with his loving hands, He will remove them. And sometimes He won’t say what you want to hear because He wants you to find the strength through Him to keep fighting.

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses-1 Timothy 6:12

Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle;-Psalm 144:1

Don’t give up! Surrendering seems like the easy thing to do. But when you do that, you are saying it’s ok to treat me this way. I deserve to live in fear. I deserve to live in pain. And no one deserves to live a life away from the Father’s love. The only time surrender is acceptable is when your give your life to Jesus.

Don’t listen to the voices that want to destroy you. Listen to the voice that says this:

I pulled you in from all over the world,
    called you in from every dark corner of the earth,
Telling you, ‘You’re my servant, serving on my side.
    I’ve picked you. I haven’t dropped you.’
Don’t panic. I’m with you.
    There’s no need to fear for I’m your God.
I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you.
    I’ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you.-Isaiah 41:10 MSG

Keep fighting, friends!! ❤

Listen, kid…

Growing up in a different society, I feel obliged to share things with the children of this world. Things I would say to them. Things I would’ve said to myself. I see a lack of respect toward parents, teachers and any form of authority. I also see kids bullying other kids. I see children being murdered and violated of their innocence. I fear for these children. I fear they will never know love. I fear they will never know themselves. I fear they won’t know to obey rules for their protection. So here is what I would say to these kids.

You who have been abused, verbally, physically, sexually..I’m sorry. I’m sorry you deal with pain every day. I’m sorry you were let down by the people who said they loved you. I’m sorry you didn’t feel special. I’m sorry you don’t feel comfortable when someone else hugs you. I’m sorry for the scars and the bruises that have healed. I’m sorry you had to hear those words that cut you. The people who did those things to you will pay. If not, then later. I believe in the power of justice. Whether it comes from the law or from God. Don’t let that experience make you grow bitter and cold hearted. Don’t let that bitterness toward that person turn into hatred. Within time, however long it takes, be willing to one day let it go. If you keep holding onto it, it can be more damaging to you and your relationships with other people. What was taken from you can be given back. Let your heart and body heal. Let your mind heal. Don’t turn to alcohol. That only numbs the pain and causes more of it.

Respect your elders. Those who stood by you through the hard times. You never know when they will be taken from your life. Respect the people that say no to you. They are doing it for your own good. Respect when they say yes. Don’t take advantage of the freedom you are given. Because it can be taken away in the blink of an eye.

Don’t humiliate someone because they are different than you. In the way they dress, talk, or act. Those are the ones you should be treating in the best manner and intention. They might have something you need. Or you might have something they need. Everyone deserves to be respected and loved. When you don’t show that to them, they won’t show it to you. And other people you come across will repay you either way. So work on your character. Don’t become the person you hate. Become like the person you love.

Life is what you earn. Don’t expect a free handout from the world because of what kind of life you were given. This sense of entitlement has to end. No one is more special because of their income or lack of. Work hard. When you do, money is not the only reward. It is a sense of pride and self respect that no one else can give you.

Live with integrity. The decisions you make today can affect your tomorrow and the rest of your life. So think before you choose or act on. Think before you pick what to wear, what to say, and how you present yourself. Girls, the way you dress is a representation of who and what you are the world. Whatever you want to say or convey is shown by what you wear. People see the outside package first. Not the inside. So wearing that mini skirt and Wonderbra might grab some attention. But know this too. Attention does NOT equal love. If a guy just likes the way you look, that is all you will have. And you will feel shallow and hollow. And empty.

Guys, how you act is a statement to girls and the world. How you talk and act says more about you than how far you can throw a football or dunk a basketball. How you treat your mother is how you will treat all girls. Even your future wife. Your manhood is not defined by how many girls you sleep with. A man’s character should be what he does in the face of fear and faith.

Find your passion. Find what makes you come alive. What keeps you from sleeping and eating. (Not that you should do that.) Find what drives you and go after it. Don’t say next year I’ll do it. And then not do it. Do it while you are young and ambitious. Because when you get older, it will be harder to regain that ambition. Things will try to weigh you down and get in the way of you and your passion. But keep fighting. Don’t give up. Make something of yourself. Not for the approval or fame. But for personal fulfillment.

Most importantly, choose a path. A spiritual path. But choose the right one. Choose Jesus. Choose him to be a part of your life. Because without Him, there is no life or reason to live it. You may roll your eyes when someone mentions God or prayer. But it could be prayer that has kept you out of jail. Or kept you from overdosing. Or kept you from being injured in a serious car wreck. Or protected your heart from the wrong person. Don’t neglect prayer. It is a necessity in life. If you have trouble in believing in God, that is your choice. Everyone struggles with that some point in their life. You can go through many gods. The god of approval. The god of greed. The god of jealousy. The god of self love. But all other gods will fail you. Only the true God can save you from death. From hell. From eternal separation from every loving and breathing thing. So choose wisely.

Vision and Voice

Before I start writing this message, I wanted to catch you up on the haps with me so far.

I’ve already mentioned that I am working at a clinic. That being said, recently, my body has been under attack. Starting with my mind. Then it moved to my physical parts. My eye and now my throat. I thought why is this happening to me? I hardly EVER get sick. I haven’t had pinkeye in like 3 years. After I overcame the pinkeye that I’m pretty sure was from the walk in clinic I went to so I could get approval to go back to work, the stye happened.

After the pinkeye and stye was over, I developed a fever with chills. Accompanied by coughing, sneezing, runny nose(like a faucet), creating a really sore throat. It was so bad that I thought I was progressing into strep throat. With prayer, green tea and honey and cold medicine, I am 90% better. I can talk again! That being said, every time something physical happens to me, I know it’s beyond what it is.

Satan was trying to take my vision from me! And it was happening. My vision for my life was starting to disappear and fade from me. Satan was trying to take my voice from me. I find that lately, people are not really hearing or listening when I say something. Or I am humiliated for being myself. So I stopped talking. Keeping to myself. But…that is exactly what he wants. He wants me to be blind and he wants me to be silent.

I can say I will not blind and I will not be silent. In fact, I will speak even louder with vigilence. I will not stop writing. I will not stop pursuing all that God has for me. People can try to tear me down with their insecurities and badmouth me because I have Jesus. That’s fine. I won’t shut up about Him.

The truth is, there is one person that I know who does this to me. And she’s not rejecting me. She’s rejecting Jesus inside of me. She wants what I have and she can’t because she has denied in every possible way that He is the only thing she needs. And she hates that I have the one thing she needs. She is envious of His light shining through me and outside of me.

I pray for her. I pray she has a reality check and a heart transplant. I believe she wants what she won’t accept. Jesus salvation. His perfect love. Peace. Spiritual Security. I love this person with the love of Christ. No matter how she tries to knock me down and hurt me. Because Christ loves me that way. No matter how many times we have hurt him and continue doing so, His love is still there. It’s incredible. You will not find that in any relationship you imagine or put yourself in. His love is rare. It is deep. It is unconditional. Requires no contracts or fees. The only thing is you have to receive it. And give it back any way you can.

Should I be like Judas or Jesus??

I actually said this out loud when I was at my pastor’s house, playing the white elephant game. What started out as a game of fun turned into playful betrayal and unintentional intention. I had one of the last numbers. So I had my chance of taking anyone’s gift. Choices, choices. I have always had a love for flavored coffee and creamers. I stood up in the room with everyone watching and I said out loud…”Hmm. Should I be Judas or Jesus??’ People shouted, “Judas! Steal something!” which was I thought was hilarious and surprising at the same time. So I walked over to my pastor and I said “Where is that coffee?” People knew what I was hinting at. An ounce of me felt bad. But I was happy with that gift.

Later on that week, God was showing me something. About Judas and Jesus. These are obvious facts. Judas was known for betrayal. Jesus was the person betrayed. Hang in here. I’m headed somewhere with this.

God was reminding me of this. Because I felt like I had a Judas in my circle at work. And I felt in a way as Jesus did when Judas did what he had done.

Judas was in need of grace because of what He did. Jesus was in need of grace to get through what He had to do for us.

No matter what position you are in…the subject of betrayal or happen to be the betrayer, the hands of grace meet you in the middle. Judas took his life because He probably felt that was the best way to punish Himself. He could not accept grace. He did not feel worthy of Jesus love. Guilt and condemnation got the best of Him. I have been betrayed by people. But I wouldn’t wish on them death. After the anger and bitter thoughts dissipate, I would wish them life and what it has to offer.

Here’s an example. I had to give up my best friend this year. I did it because I felt we were holding each other back from what God needed to do in our lives. And I did it because He told me to. We needed growth and we needed teaching. It did not end well. And I’ll admit I held a grudge for some time because of things that were said. I felt betrayed and I’m sure she did too. Along with our circle of friends. Anyways, I looked her up on Facebook just out of curiosity. She and her husband have been in a battle with adopting a brother and sister out of Ukraine for almost 2 years. They are still waiting to bring them home.  I know it has drained them financially and physically. Mentally, emotionally. I wish grace be with her this time. If I was still bitter I might have said, “Well she doesn’t deserve to be blessed because of what she said to me.” But that is not of God. That is the whiny, selfish child we call the flesh. If I saw her now, I would wish her grace to hang on during this time.

Now I am finding myself dealing with a coworker who acts hateful and spiteful toward me.. I find that Jesus in me takes over. When she insults me, I say nothing back. Then I get upset and I think I should have said this! But it’s not really me to insult and be cruel. I try to be sensitive to people’s feelings. Jesus was the same way. He also said nothing. When they accused Him of being the Savior, the Christ, God’s son..He said nothing in His defense. I guess that’s how we should be. Even if the face of a verbal attack, we also should say nothing. I say it would be so easy to hurt someone back. But the truth of the matter is, it isn’t. It is not easy to fun to hurt or betray anyone. Even if they did it to you. Even if you feel it is well deserved.

The moral of this lesson that I am also learning is best the way Jesus put it.

Matthew 18:21-22 Then Peter came and said to Him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?” Jesus said to him, “I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven.

Jesus forgave Judas even though he betrayed him. He forgave him because he knew it had to happen. The inevitable death that saved us all. When someone hurts you, you can either hurt them back. But truthfully, it will end up hurting you. It is damaging to your growth and if you let bitterness take over your heart, it can be damaging to you physically. That is why God tells us to forgive. Because he wants us to be in good health. He doesn’t want our hearts to be corroded by sin and hate.

Next time someone insults you, you either have two choices. You can resort to childish behavior and stunt your personal and emotional growth. Or…you can grow up, forgive them and say nothing. It is not weak to say nothing to the face of your enemy. It takes more courage not to fight back.

Submission Should Be Part Of Our Mission

I was sitting in church, listening to a great message from my pastor Renny Ross. He was talking about the simplicity of Jesus. How we shouldnt have to complicate the message of the gospel. We shouldn’t have to dress it up or make it trendy for everyone to hear.

As I was listening, the Holy Spirit was talking to me and showing me something about submission. Awhile back, He showed me that “He could’ve said no.”Jesus could have said no to saving us. He could’ve said no to the physical pain and humiliation that he would have to endure. But he didnt say no. He said yes. He submitted to His Fathers will at any cost. He didn’t question it. He didn’t say ” It’s not fair. I don’t want to. There has to be another way!” That is probably what I would have said.

But he was the perfect sacrifice. He was the perfect human. And he was formed in perfect measure. And His love is the perfect kind of love that we all search for and cannot find in anyone else on Earth.

You know the Scripture Perfect love casts out fear. If there was any fear in Jesus during and after his hanging on the cross,, His perfect love for us overcame that fear.

Whatever fear we may be dealing with can be overcome by his perfect love. So do not be afraid. The angel told Mary not to be afraid. The fear she may have been facing was overcome by her love for her child. Her love for God helped her face any trials she was and would be going through. And that love helped her face seeing the suffering of her perfect child who had become a man and Savior of the world. 

What if Mary hadn’t submitted to God’s will? Submission should be part of the mission of the body of Christ. Without submission, we would miss out on the perfect love that God has for us and His perfect plan. Knowing and trusting His will is the gift we should all hope and wish for this Christmas.

When you face your fears, if you submit your will His, His perfect love gives you perfect peace. Face your fears. Is it a secret illness you haven’t told anyone about? Is it the fear of success or failure? Is it fear that your finances will run out? I have fears. But I know that God does not give us the spirit of fear. But of power, love and a sound mind. I know its hard. I know that it is a part of life to face challenges. But I know this also. 

“His light is love and his gospel is peace.” This Christmas, read the story. Not The Night Before Christmas. But read His Word. That is the best story you could ever read. Because it is true and very real.